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Pages slow at loading... sometimes.

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nannynick Mon 06-Jan-14 20:58:11

There seems to be an issue with Pinterest tonight. It is sometimes taking over 6 seconds to load the script (which is small, 242 bytes).

With luck Pinterest servers will stop their tantrum and be nice again soon.

KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 07-Jan-14 11:40:19

Ooer, sorry Pinterest is failing you - clearly the answer is to come and spend more time on MN, we have cake and brew after all smile

When Pinterest is behaving again, be sure to follow our boards

nannynick Wed 08-Jan-14 11:13:52

Kate, it was mumsnet talk pages that were loading slow due to the pinintest script being slow. I can not see where pinintest is used by mumsnet but I guess there is a reason for mumsnet pages to call the script.
Fixed itself, nothing mumsnet can do.

I only posted in case others were finding page loads slow and wondered why it was happening.

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