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Sticky posts in Active Threads on android app

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LadySnapcase Sun 08-Dec-13 08:52:18

Hi, I use the mobile app quite a lot but am finding that there are hundreds of sticky posts to scroll through on the Active threads forum that aren't there on the website. Any ideas how I get rid of them..?

ilovepowerhoop Sun 08-Dec-13 08:57:05

I found logging out of the app and then logging back in cleared them (for a wee while anyway)

DeckTheHallsWithBoughsOfHorry Sun 08-Dec-13 09:08:47

Yy to logging out.

When they get really bad, go to app storage and clear data.

PositiveAttitude Sun 08-Dec-13 09:10:49

With my phone app I have to go into settings then application manager, scroll to Mumsnet, open it up and delete all the history. It keeps me logged in, all my threads I am on etc... but removes the stickies.

LadySnapcase Sun 08-Dec-13 09:22:21

Sorted, thank you everyone! Cleared data and then logged out and back in again smile

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