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LonelyGoatherd Mon 11-Nov-13 17:56:00

I imagine this has been requested a zillion times, but please could you consider a Like button for posts?

Tee2072 Mon 11-Nov-13 17:56:27

No. We aren't Facebook.

LonelyGoatherd Mon 11-Nov-13 17:58:04

No, but we could be The Guardian grin

Tee2072 Mon 11-Nov-13 18:03:12

No thanks. Someone's already that as well.


Tiredemma Mon 11-Nov-13 18:04:50

If we like something someone has said then I think we should 'comment' and add to the discussion rather than just 'like'

southeastastra Mon 11-Nov-13 18:04:52

<dislikes> op

there, that isn't nice is it? if you had a like you would need a dislike, like the daily mail grin

EdithWeston Mon 11-Nov-13 18:06:29


No. Just no.

Trills Mon 11-Nov-13 18:07:10

I prefer to enforce a more nuanced approach.

If you have to type something then you could just say

"I like Tee's comment"

but you are already writing a sentence so you may as well say

"I like Tee's comment and sympathise with the feeling that we've been here before, but I do think that some new posters may be put off if their (new to them) suggestions are dismissed so completely."

It's like encouraging good habits.

LonelyGoatherd Mon 11-Nov-13 18:07:39

I can take <dislike> too wink. Sometimes I read something that I like, and want to acknowledge that it's useful/inspiring/witty, but don't want to leave a comment saying that - a like button would do the job, esp when using the less-than-amazing phone app.

TantrumsAndBalloons Mon 11-Nov-13 18:07:52

Why do we need one?

TotallyAddictedToLurking Mon 11-Nov-13 18:08:36

This again? Really?

No!!! If you like something then think of something to say and comment.

The best think about mn is the witty, funny comments. It wouldn't be the same if people just like posts!!

LonelyGoatherd Mon 11-Nov-13 18:09:18

I've never posted in Site stuff before - it's more scary than AIBU! And explains why I've missed previous suggestions for this, frankly amazing, idea.
Fiiiiiiiine, you win. Will just nod sagely when I see good posts, and save my Dislike clicks for the DM loons.

Tee2072 Mon 11-Nov-13 18:13:22

You see, MN is a discussion board.


And what Trills said.

bundaberg Mon 11-Nov-13 18:17:05

i would love a like button too!!

sometimes people just post something really funny and i want to "like" it

i don't necessarily want to post a comment

Tee2072 Mon 11-Nov-13 18:21:58

And how bad would you feel if no one ever liked your posts?

Or unliked them?

Or disliked them?

Let's just not go there.

TheFallenMadonna Mon 11-Nov-13 18:27:58

What Trills said.

TheFallenMadonna Mon 11-Nov-13 18:28:44 the MN convention.

CuntyBunty Mon 11-Nov-13 18:34:51

I want a "dislike" button.

DeepThought Mon 11-Nov-13 18:41:29

Lazy innit

not hard to type great post JoeBloggs. Or Tee.

Making you think instead of just blindly ticking like like like baa baa baa

Tee2072 Mon 11-Nov-13 18:48:16


DeepThought Mon 11-Nov-13 18:49:53

Guffawing at you being a baaaaa-er, Tee grin

IslaValargeone Mon 11-Nov-13 18:50:54

No, No and ffs thricely No.

LonelyGoatherd Mon 11-Nov-13 18:55:25

Yeah, but reading "Great post" etc is dull dull dull. Would rather read the meat of the discussion, and restrict the fawning/admiration/acknowledgements to a Tick.
I see that I'm (nearly) alone on this though so am bowing out for now.

Tee2072 Mon 11-Nov-13 18:55:45

I just felt like saying baa. Just because.

Sparklingbrook Mon 11-Nov-13 19:00:41

Only if you want to kill any sort of conversation and reduce MN to a collection of thumbs up/down.

My vote

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