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There's a rumour that anyfucker has been banned. Can you clarify before there is a riot please?

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EhricLovesTeamQhuay Wed 23-Oct-13 20:09:20

ChampagneTastes Thu 24-Oct-13 20:38:45

I'm not always a massive fan of Any Fuckers tone in some posts but I think she's a valuable poster who has given some excellent advice. If mumsnet exists for women to support women (which is what I always assumed), they should find a way to bring her back.

Thurlow Thu 24-Oct-13 20:34:58

Fenton, I like you and I like AF both a lot, but it is allowed for some posters to not like AF. It's not always a matter of 'getting' or not getting them.

FamiliesShareGerms Thu 24-Oct-13 20:30:38

I'm outraged that Xenia's particular brand of capitalist feminism and scottishmummy's gnomic posts (with or without creepy wee brackets) have been banned. Why? WHY??

something2say Thu 24-Oct-13 20:07:40

Perhaps so. I would read sharp terse one liners, which I found overly quick. Asking a distressed woman when she;'s going to kick him out when she's only just found the emails etc. Myself, I work with people in distress and I know how long it takes for decisions like that to be made. Shoch for a start is a huge factor. And that takes listening to. As a woman goes over and over it. Its not for someone else to wade in with size 10s and start demanding to know when the person is going to do something about it. I know AF is popular in here, mostly for being right, but I value kindness above being right. I have also seen her be kind to be fair, but in general I would say she is too harsh upon strangers in distress, and this is bornbe of her own personal inability to handle yet another person going round in their own circles. I believe people have the right go to round their own circles, and it is not for me to tell them what to do, and then emotionally and publically reject them for not doing what I think they should do....

OhAntiChristFENTON Thu 24-Oct-13 19:55:57

You still must know nothing about her and what she does for people to hold the views you are expressing here.

Or perhaps you just don't 'get' her.

something2say Thu 24-Oct-13 19:49:45

pedlars - i dont think it is bitchy, I think it is up front and clear. And I used to say to her face as well when I felt she was being rude...

antichrist fenton....there was a thread about when you knew the moment had come to get out of a bad relationship. Anyfucker posted saying when her ex cheated yet again, she finally upped and left. I was so taken aback that she should have been cheated on often and not left, when she is so vociferous towards other women in the same boat.

Anyway i'll leave you all to it, I have some work to do.....

But as I had a shower i did think to amend. I am not happy to hear of someone's misfortune. So I take that part back.

Cheers all!

Doinmummy Thu 24-Oct-13 19:46:44

I've read the other threads and I reckon that the chat MNHQ are going to have with AF will result in her being reinstated.

PortoFiendo Thu 24-Oct-13 19:42:34

More of a misunderstanding than a mistake. It has certainly sorted the wheat from the chaff in many cases though.

Thisfuckerisaeuphemism Thu 24-Oct-13 19:37:24

Mistakes are easily made!

Thisfuckerisaeuphemism Thu 24-Oct-13 19:36:28

Oh Porto fiendo!

That is a little bit funny mistake smile

Thisfuckerisaeuphemism Thu 24-Oct-13 19:36:15

Oh Porto fiendo!

That is a little bit funny mistake smile

LentilAsAnyFuckerThing Thu 24-Oct-13 19:16:12

Bring back the AnyFucker!

As a gesture of goodwill, will MN have an AnyFucker namechange competition? I got no ideas for a hallowe'en namechange, but this, I have a good one! smile

LtAllHallowsEve Thu 24-Oct-13 19:09:42

Something2say. AF is happily married, so I don't know where you get your lies information from.

ZingMayor Thu 24-Oct-13 19:07:50

*your post

[blinded by righteous anger]

ZingMayor Thu 24-Oct-13 19:07:11


instead of getting into an argument with you I'll say this : I reported you post.

OhAntiChristFENTON Thu 24-Oct-13 19:06:45

something2say You really don't know what you're talking about.


PortoFiendo Thu 24-Oct-13 19:04:36

Right, so I have checked with AF and the ban was always a temporary, modify your posting behaviour or else, sort of thing. So I have unknowingly unleashed a shitstorm. That is MY fault. I could not possibly have foreseen the strength of feeling out there. Certainly not 17 or more threads on the subject. blush I have apologised to AF.

But the reason for my crossness remains. This has happened because the goady fuckers get to use the "guidelines" to their own advantage. Post any old shit that doesn't break the rules, made up stories, goady posts, etc then MNHQ will let that stand. Anyone who dares to answer back or call stuff into question is bad and runs the risk of deletion/banning.

The trolls and internet mischief makers are having a laugh with MN. And AF will be back and able to read the lovely supportive posts!

PedlarsSpanner Thu 24-Oct-13 19:03:25

that is a really bitchy post somethingtosay shock

something2say Thu 24-Oct-13 19:01:19

Personally I am glad. I found her abrasive and rude to strangers. Then I read that she put up with multiple cheating s from an ex, yet she wades in immediately with strangers, telling them to get rid of their husband. I find this shir sighted and rude. People take their own time ending their relationships. I used to hate the way she would be so curt to hurting strangers. Especially when she herself was one at one stage! It's like, she took her time to learn her lesson but now wants to project that onto other people. I didn't find that wise.

Unsure what else may have gone on of course; trying to play the guitar more than read mumsnet at the moment!!!!

Butwilliseeyouagain Thu 24-Oct-13 18:51:08


All the interesting characters banned.

SM and Xenia drove me insane at times but that made for robust debate.I thought AF was a true asset to this site. Tough shit if people think that's grovelly, I thought she was awesome.

Anyhoo, have been here in various guises since 2008 but think MN and I have outgrown eachother (or something) so de-regging now.

AnyDozerFucker Thu 24-Oct-13 16:03:55

MNHQ, you cannot claim this is a pro-women site if you ban posters for calling out misogynist trolls; and/or don't do everything possible to tackle them.

AnyDozerFucker Thu 24-Oct-13 16:02:06

I really hope you're wrong you'retoastmildred sad

Waspie Thu 24-Oct-13 12:06:23

"I dare say anyfucker did/does make some personal attacks. She's a very active and visible member and the abuse/rape apologists, mras and handmaidens hate her and attack her regularly. So I'm sure she responds in kind. But, look at the proportion of PAs next to the proportion of incredibly sensible, insightful and helpful posts she does - there's no contest. She's too valuable to us, to mumsnet. She's been goaded and provoked by trolls and posters with a strongly anti feminist and anti woman agenda, and she gets banned. Wtf."

^^ This

How can a poster who supports so many vulnerable people and posts such good advice be banned? she should be given a bloody commendation as far as I'm concerned. Are all posters who believe women to be equal to men and not have to take abuse to be banned? WTAF has MN become. I'm seriously shocked and disgusted at MN. I thought this was a site that supported women but I'm having to rethink that opinion today angry.

OrmirianResurgam Thu 24-Oct-13 11:14:55

Ridiculous! Entirely the wrong target.

MNHQ - you are allowed to change your mind.

youretoastmildred Thu 24-Oct-13 10:35:43

Thanks, NLurker.

I also think that it isn't helpful on either side to have discussions about how / whether the culture of the site has changed. You get this really unhelpful back and forth like this:

(some) MN posters: "the site is being moderated differently! It is all naff and fluffy wuffy!"
MNHQ: "the rules have not changed. We can show stats that support this too"
(some) MN posters "but - but - it feels different!"

This doesn't get us anywhere. Frankly I don't care whether the actual rules have changed, or the actual numbers of deletions or bannings for certain things have increased. Because what has changed is the profile of the site, and the internet culture it operates in. In a million years I could write an essay on (would be such fun to do that actually - I wonder if I could submit it as a thesis somewhere)

So: if MNHQ wants to preserve MN as a place where a certain sort of arsey educated woman feels comfortable and funny and creative and helpful, then it has to be more sophisticated in its operation and moderation. I agree that it can't be unmoderated. But it has to be moderated with extreme subtlety and nuance by people who know what they fuck they are doing, with very sophisticated political and gender-relations nous. BECAUSE we is LAYDEEZ and we is SEEN to be laydeez so they all want to fuck us up, innit.

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