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Phonics and Spelling

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Ferguson Sun 13-Oct-13 19:24:15

As a retired Teaching Assistant I normally 'post' replies to queries on Primary Education, and have very seldom been on other topics.

Many parents want to know how to help their children with Phonics and Spelling (as well as understand them better themselves!) A book I constantly recommend is the Oxford Phonics Spelling Dictionary, which is good value at under £7 from Amazon. It is attractively presented, and illustrated with the well known ORT characters. You can see several sample pages HERE:

It lists words by the initial SOUND, not the letter as in a 'normal' dictionary. Nouns give the plural, and Verbs have all their tenses. There are hints and tips on understanding English spelling, and examples of 'confusables' such as "to, too, two" etc. It can be used by children on their own, or with adult support, covers all the primary years, and would also serve less able pupils in secondary.

If MNHQ has not already reviewed (or seen) this book I would suggest you have a look at it, and if possible make more parents aware of it by featuring it in some way.

(I have absolutely no connection with OUP, and have no wish to abuse your advertising rules.)

Ferguson Sun 13-Oct-13 19:30:24

Sorry - I screwed up the link!

See it HERE:

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