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Has there been / will there be a Mumsnet Cook Book ?

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WSM Wed 18-Feb-04 10:48:10

Can't find trace of one, but I think it'd be a really useful idea.

Finding good recipes for babies / toddlers is a bit of a 'mare. It seems that the only ones around line Annabel Karmel's pockets. I've tried a couple of her books but find them a bit, well, pants really (sorry, Annabel!).

What about a Mumsnet book containing favourite recipes from mumsnetters ? With as many freezer-friendly options as poss ! I, for one, would buy it.


Kayleigh Wed 18-Feb-04 10:53:59

Great idea. Would make a lovely present too.

WSM Wed 18-Feb-04 11:03:19

Annabel seems to be a bit 'pizza faces' and cakes shaped like trains.

M2T Wed 18-Feb-04 11:07:23

Oh I'd buy it too!! And I'd love to contribute a few recipes to it.


justiner Wed 18-Feb-04 11:36:42

Yes it's a really good idea - real recipes from real mums - not a grated nutmeg in site We have suggested it to Cassells our publishers in the past - we should definitely have another go at it, so many thanks for the timely reminder. In the meantime shall we get tech to set up a recipe topic on chat so we can get going?

hercules Wed 18-Feb-04 11:51:47

A very good idea. I want to put in my order now.
A real book from real mums.

WSM Wed 18-Feb-04 14:07:31

Thanks Justine , excellent idea.

LadyCodworth Wed 18-Feb-04 14:23:26

poor tech
he must be run off his feet! all these new topics

wilbur Wed 18-Feb-04 14:32:42

Take two fishfingers, add peas and mashed potato. Repeat each day until your children leave home.

bossykate Wed 18-Feb-04 18:11:31

lol, wilbur

Hulababy Wed 18-Feb-04 18:12:32

But surely if you are having fishfingers, the best way would be to wrap in two slices of white, buttered bread and add ketchup

wilbur Wed 18-Feb-04 18:30:03

That's only when I'm making dinner for dh and me, as a treat.

batey Wed 18-Feb-04 18:36:12

I'd buy it too! I'd like a section in it of meals that are good for kids that can be jazzed up a bit for grown ups too. There was a thread about this a long time ago wasn't there?

LadyCodworth Wed 18-Feb-04 18:39:26

yes But I wont buy it if its all organic schmanic with butternut squash.

I think there should be sections called
"BUt I dont like Beans" - cue recipes on beans.....
Or ways to disguise egg. (dark sunglasses)
Or differnt breakfasts

bundle Wed 18-Feb-04 18:44:34

I want butternut squash AND fishfinger sandwiches

bundle Wed 18-Feb-04 18:45:51

..but not together

tech (MNHQ) Wed 18-Feb-04 21:53:15

We've added the recipes topic.....

vict17 Wed 02-Mar-05 12:19:07

I would buy this too - especially if it had anecdotes, advice etc on how to get kids stuff - like Coddy suggests

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