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Why are we allowed to namechange? And it has just been made easier to do so within the thread

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LeGavrOrf Thu 26-Sep-13 10:22:48

Just out of interest really.

You can't do it on other sites can you?

I know people like to change for privacy reasons but it just cause misery with people name changing to cause shit.

And the new button down there V makes it possible for someone to really easily sock puppet. I don't see the point in it really.

You have not allowed name changing in the mumsnet local site, however you do still permit users to namechange on request. I wondered if there were plans to introduce that here or if it would cause outrage (who am I kidding, if course it will). grin

LeGavrOrf Thu 26-Sep-13 10:45:19

I have just been on a thread and name changed 3 times. It was a piece of piss.

Tee2072 Thu 26-Sep-13 10:46:52

For the record, you can only name change on the fly on the mobile site.

But I agree with you.

GirlWithTheLionHeart Thu 26-Sep-13 10:49:51

I agree

KissMyA Thu 26-Sep-13 10:50:30

I agree too

GirlWithTheLionHeart Thu 26-Sep-13 10:50:48


ShowOfHands Thu 26-Sep-13 10:52:30

Oh I love the fact that you can namechange. I namechange all the time. Sometimes for privacy reasons, sometimes because I fancy it, sometimes to be funny, sometimes because I'm bored. I have NC'd hundreds of times.

If people want to post shit and cause trouble, they'll find a way regardless. I don't think they should make namechanging impossible or difficult just because Trolly McTroll has an easier time of it. Why cater to their warped behaviours? I truly think after years of MNing that whatever you do, they find a way and all you can do is not give more of yourself than you can afford to lose and to try and remember that you don't know who anybody actually is. I mean, you might not be called Clothilde at all in real life OP but I choose to believe you are as it Makes Sense.

LeGavrOrf Thu 26-Sep-13 11:05:12

Haha at footholds.

I didn't know you couldn't do that on the desktop site. I never use that any more as the mobile site is so much better and cleaner.

I think the fact that MNHQ have decided not to allow people to namechange means they may possibly regret allowing it on this site. I reckon it causes all sorts of shit.

I know troublemaking tossers will find a way to be twattish no matter what, but to namechange before was a royal pain in the arse. So if you wanted to sockpuppet to either support yourself or to gang up on a poster you had to be pretty dedicated. Now you don't even have to think about it.

I think so many people posted that they felt hounded and attacked on Mumsnet (thread yesterday about bullying) I think a restriction on namechanging would be a good idea, tbh. Or at least limit to the names you have already got or something.

LeGavrOrf Thu 26-Sep-13 11:05:47

Footholds is supposed to say Clothilde. grin

LeGavrOrf Thu 26-Sep-13 11:08:04

Not allowed people to change on the mumsnet local site, to make that clear.

ShowOfHands Thu 26-Sep-13 11:20:47

It's not that hard to namechange though. I can still only do it the old way as I don't MN on any kind of new-fangled whatsit. You click on My Mumsnet, change your name, enter password and ta-da, takes all of 30 seconds.

Namechanging is a part of tradition here. Hi-jinks on threads, seasonal namechanges, larks and giggles. I'd be royally pee'd off if they restricted namechanging. It's like punishing the whole class because Trolly StBridge has deliberately shat in the reading corner again.

TrollyStBridge Thu 26-Sep-13 11:22:23

Bwahahahaha. See.

I even had time to go and get a glass of water before namechanging.

ShowOfHands Thu 26-Sep-13 11:23:51

Is it wrong that I want another baby, just so I can call it Clothilde?

LeGavrOrf Thu 26-Sep-13 11:27:49

You would have to put up with numbskulls pronouncing it wrong and it will enrage you.

I have had YEARS of people calling my daughter Sophie when she is actually called Sophia. <bitter>

I posted about wanting to have another baby just because they give you morphine in labour now, and the last time I didn't have time for pethidine so I fancied giving that a go as well.

LeGavrOrf Thu 26-Sep-13 11:29:25

Yes, the namechanging japes are funny and you're right that it is part of mumsnet.

MNHQ would never change it would they. They would cower at the onslaught of the combined rage. Christ I remember when they changed the site and made active convos stripy. Threads and threads of I DONT LIIIIIIIIIKE IT for days.

DaleyBump Thu 26-Sep-13 11:30:15

I've namechanged previously for various reasons. The main reason I namechanged is because I was really, really struggling with a lot of things and I know people on here in rl so wanted to keep it private but ask for advice at the same time. If I hadn't been able to namechange, I wouldn't have asked for advice for fear of being recognised and would probably still be struggling. It's a fantastic feature and you can most of the time spot the trolls anyway.

LeGavrOrf Thu 26-Sep-13 11:30:28

You can use the mobile site on a PC, I always do. Go down to the bottom and click the mobile button and have a look (you can always change it back).

ShowOfHands Thu 26-Sep-13 11:54:30

Nooooo. I don't like the mobile site. I accidentally saw it once. I don't like change.

FIL has some morphine. I'll send you some if you want. He keeps it hidden in a drawer. I warn you though, I was given morphine during labour and it did two things. My bp went through the floor and I started having hallucinations and passing out until they gave me something to fix it. Also, the morphine itch. Oh dear God. Imagine the worst itch you've ever had. Now imagine it's under your skin all over, particularly in your face, somewhere behind your nose and it's burning and burning and you can't get to it and you need to tear off your nose.

Nah, morphine's crap.

When I had ds, the postnatal stay was lovely. Staff were all great, felt really cared for and special, everything was clean and I didn't have to do it. They brought chocolate and biscuits round for no reason and I was craving custard so they found some and made me a huge bowl several times. I don't want another baby really though and I don't want to be ill so not sure a hospital stay is on the cards. I'd pay to stay on that postnatal ward again though. I'll have a baby for you if you want. I'll hide the morphine in my bag for later too if you want? Just one baby mind. I like you but I have my limits.

LeGavrOrf Thu 26-Sep-13 12:02:28

I have had morphine before for a burst ovarian cyst. It was marvellous. I had the itch, big welts on my skin, hideous sickness and the Bp drop but I loved it!

My post natal stay still makes me shudder nearly 18 years later.

That is so sweet that your nurses made you custard, bless them.

Yes, steal the morphine and send it to me grin

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 26-Sep-13 14:48:43


At the moment, there are no plans to disallow namechanging on the main board; it's something we've always allowed users to do (so long as they aren't doing it to mislead), and we think it's one of the things that sets us a little bit apart from other sites. So far, we think the measure of privacy and security (and harmless mucking about) it can provide outweighs the drawbacks - although, of course, nothing posted on a public website is ever truly private or secure. As ever though, we're more than happy to listen to feedback if you think we're getting it wrong.

Without giving too much away, it's usually very easy for us to spot when someone is namechanging to mislead on a thread - so please hit 'report' if you want us to check something out.

The reasons for not allowing namechanging on Local sites are a bit specific - we outline them in more detail here.

And the reasons we're allowing mobile site users to namechange a little more easily are outlined here.

We do realise this looks a bit contradictory on the surface but we like to think that's part of our charm <hopeful face>

LeGavrOrf Thu 26-Sep-13 16:15:23

Thanks Rowan for taking the time to answer.

It was only idle musing really. I know there would be hell to pay if you said you were disallowing namechamges.

Poledra Thu 26-Sep-13 16:24:01

So, Rowan comes on here, gives a nice little discourse on the reasons for name-changing and ignores the blatant drug dealing on the thread!!

I am discusted grin

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 26-Sep-13 16:28:04

Tbh a rather long time elapsed between me starting to write this post and me finishing it, and in the interval you'd all started talking about illegal substances.

Which is a learning point of some sort for me

LeGavrOrf Thu 26-Sep-13 16:29:44

Nah, them's legal drugs.

<offers round Valiums>

Poledra Thu 26-Sep-13 16:30:00

Well, they're legal substances, actually, but one should have a prescription from a properly-trained healthcare professional before taking them. <cat's-bum-mouth>

<work-avoiding pedant>

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