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why has the topic order changed?

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PickleFish Tue 20-Aug-13 12:41:54

You know on the main page of Talk, where there are all the subheadings, and it used to be the ones that were shown were the most popular, and you had to click on 'more' to find the rest of them.

But now there are different ones showing.

Like in education, it used to have (general) education first, then primary, then secondary, etc. Now preschool is there.

Same with some of the others. Like site stuff used to be first, now it's webchats. It's much harder to find things, and I keep having to click on 'more' before I can find the right topics.

Can this be customised in some way that I don't know about?

MiaowTheCat Tue 20-Aug-13 12:44:22

Can we have AIBU back to save me that extra mouse click

RustyBear Tue 20-Aug-13 16:45:41

They are in alphabetical order now - reading across first, then down.

If I ever go to the topics page, I always used to change to the A-Z view, but it's hopeless now because all (or nearly all) the local listings have taken over - so you now have:

Aberdeen (0)
Aberdeen - Campaigns (0)
Aberdeen - Can You Help? (0) (£18 fee)
Aberdeen - Childcare Wanted (0)
Aberdeen - Mumsnet Local Discounts (0) (£20 fee)
Aberdeen - Nanny Share (0)
Aberdeen - Skills Swap (0)
Aberdeen - Support Groups (0)
Aberdeen - The Friendship Bench (0)
Aberdeen - Volunteering (0)

for every single local area. Except Wokingham, of course, because they still haven't given us a Wokingham Local area, despite the fact that it's been an independent local authority since 1974...

In fact the whole Local listings area is a bit of a mess, especially as some of the areas still have Local in the name and come in a bunch at the top, and all rest don't have Local in the name but still come where L should be in the list, which means you die of old age before you've managed to scroll down and find Mumsnet Q&A, or Mumsnet campaigns.

Why not just have Local and you can click to go to a separate page, or if you must, have each individual area clickable, but the way it is now makes my inner librarian scream, and I haven't been a librarian for 25 years.

PickleFish Tue 20-Aug-13 18:54:03

Great, back to normal now

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