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Where best to seek career advice on mumsnet?

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SettingFireToOurInsides Sat 17-Aug-13 16:36:53

Thanks Rowan!

Now I just need to think of the right questions to ask...

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 15-Aug-13 19:23:36


Sorry you haven't found our 'Going back to work' pages helpful. Anything useful for you here?

And - if you haven't already - you may find good advice and support in our various 'Work' Talk topics (scroll down to 'Work' on this page.

And best of luck with finding something.

SettingFireToOurInsides Wed 14-Aug-13 22:15:46

Question inspired by recent thread in Chat on school friendly jobs and guest blog on maternity discrimination...

It seems there's a wealth of experience on these boards but the 'going back to work' pages aren't really for career advice it would seem?

I was made redundant just prior to second mat leave and looking for inspiration. I'm not cut out to be a stuck at home mum!


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