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Site Improvements I'd love to see...

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twiglett Sat 07-Feb-04 09:18:52

message withdrawn

mummysurfer Sat 07-Feb-04 09:42:22

Being able to see the "Links and emoticons" when you create a new conversation.
thought i'd add mine.

StressyHead Sat 07-Feb-04 09:44:50

message withdrawn

willow2 Sat 07-Feb-04 11:41:53

I'd like to be able to create my own list of favourite threads - so that I can instantly see if anyone has added to them rather than having to scroll down the entire list to find them.

Kayleigh Sat 07-Feb-04 11:47:49

i agree with willow. I'd like it to be a bit like "Items I am watching" on ebay. Only this would be "Threads I am watching"

melsy Sat 07-Feb-04 11:52:53

The active conversations link to be at the bottom of the last 25 conversations page, so you dont have to keep scrolling up to update it.

melsy Sat 07-Feb-04 11:54:59

I do think mumsnet is one of the easiest discussion boards on the web,but some of these improvments would be great. I know there are some other thoughts I have hadb whilst on here , will have to come back with them later.

melsy Sat 07-Feb-04 11:57:31

AAHH that was it: in the search section you should be able search for links. Or have a summary page of all links and who has linked them

melsy Sat 07-Feb-04 12:27:23

OOh and a larger selection of emoticons, like on MSN.

LIZS Sat 07-Feb-04 14:02:09

Following on from Melsey's link idea, a page which lists the commonly referred to links to info websites (ie non-commercial) and hotlines, such as NCT Breastfeeding line.

Bron Sat 07-Feb-04 15:39:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tallulah Sat 07-Feb-04 16:10:30

I'm with willow2.. or if not that, a way of restricting my "last day" or "last week" searches not to include the pregnancy, behaviour, bfeeding or conception threads. I know you can search with the drop-down but that means having to do it a number of times because each category is separate.

Zerub Sat 07-Feb-04 18:33:32

The Wink icon thingy fixed so you don't accidentally get one when using other punctuation, like quote marks and a closing bracket - "

(Melsy - if you're using Internet Explorer you can update the active conversations list by clicking the Refresh button on the toolbar - save you scrolling back up and re-clicking Active Conversations)

HiddenSpirit Sat 07-Feb-04 20:19:01

For the suggestions above there is forum software that can do this (and more), best of all it's free! It's called PHPBB (there is another one called VB, but that isn't free and basically does the same).

Sorry if I'm speaking out of turn and the admin have already ruled out using this

HiddenSpirit Sat 07-Feb-04 20:19:26

sorry meant below lol

pie Sat 07-Feb-04 20:22:40

HiddenSpirit, that's the software I used for my forum. Ages ago I suggested it and it was poo pooed (sp?) so I went off and did it myself. TBH I'm not sure how much the MN forums can be adapted, though I second all the suggestions here

Carriel Sun 08-Feb-04 20:06:34

Thanks one and all for the suggestions I'll make sure tech gets to see them. I would also say though please don't be offended if they're not acted on either instantly or any time in the nearish future (I know you won't be and you did say long term plans...) Tech works incredibly hard on musmnet - and as many of you know - all in his "spare" time and anything you suggest has to be done by him (we're pretty much tech illiterates). In the golden future when mumsnet makes a buck and we can empoly tech help I'm sure all these gripes will be addressed but until then it all really depends on what he can squeeze in to his busy schedule.

Thanks for taking the time to think of improvements though - we do appreciate it and promise to keep this list for future ref so do feel free to add....

LIZS Sun 08-Feb-04 20:36:19

Ta Bron had missed that as rarely go to home page. Really trivial one, and a bit lazy too, but perhaps a "go to top" button by Add a Message or a "flip thread" like at top so that can quickly see most recent message to which you are replying without having to scroll.

SofiaAmes Sun 08-Feb-04 22:55:01

It would be great if you could access the noticeboards directly from talk instead of having to go onto the home page. Also, it would be great if you offered some way to hide your email address on the noticeboard, so people can email you without actually seeing your address. I've seen this on other sites (like

JanHR Sun 08-Feb-04 22:59:08

SofiaAmes, You can choose not to show your email address when you post on the noticeboard. As I am the moderator for the noticeboard I have posted on theer myself when I have seen people that have done this. It makes it difficult for others to reply so I suggest that they post on the relevant board in Talk

Carla Sun 08-Feb-04 23:00:39

Who is 'tech' then????

tech (MNHQ) Mon 09-Feb-04 10:29:38

He a kind of omniscient, mythical figure..

spacemonkey Mon 09-Feb-04 10:34:16

think you should put a photo of yourself on here somewhere tech

twiglett Mon 09-Feb-04 10:36:39

message withdrawn

Carla Mon 09-Feb-04 10:40:37

Third it!

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