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oh no I can only get active convos and no 'by topic'

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FioFio Fri 02-Jun-06 07:32:35

Message deleted

schneebly Fri 02-Jun-06 07:37:38

me too - I was looking for something specific too!

FioFio Fri 02-Jun-06 07:41:41

Message deleted

schneebly Fri 02-Jun-06 07:44:08

I couldn't get that to work either.

Oblomov Fri 02-Jun-06 07:44:47

me too.
Error message when tried 'find new messages'
But 'active convs ' is o.k.
Thank goodness for that

FioFio Fri 02-Jun-06 07:45:05

Message deleted

schneebly Fri 02-Jun-06 07:47:16

I seem ro recall that the lidl washing powder, fresh soups and wine are supposed to be v.good. hth! I can remember the others!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Fri 02-Jun-06 08:05:13

i cant use by topic either - GRRRRRRR!

trinityrhino Fri 02-Jun-06 08:07:50

the main talk page is also just an error message

tech (MNHQ) Fri 02-Jun-06 08:37:16

hi, this should be ok now.

schneebly Fri 02-Jun-06 08:43:26

thanks techy! It is working now!

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