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Tech's smiley thread

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Tech (MNHQ) Fri 21-Jun-13 21:27:52

One two cha cha cha

Smiley face: smile
Big grin: grin
Wink: wink
Shocked: shock
Sceptical: hmm
Confused: confused
Embarrassed: blush
Angry: angry
Sad: sad
Envious: envy
No comment: biscuit
Wine glass: wine
Hot beverage: brew
Flowers: thanks or flowers

LizTerrine Sat 22-Jun-13 23:29:49

Why has that suddenly started working then? I'm not sure I like it...

MadBusLady Sat 22-Jun-13 23:36:21


MadBusLady Sat 22-Jun-13 23:37:14

tee hee! I didn't realise when I learnt to do that earlier tonight that I was being norty.

Patchouli Sun 23-Jun-13 00:00:43

They're lost on me - just squares

MadonnaKebab Sun 23-Jun-13 07:12:25


passmetheprozac Sun 23-Jun-13 07:24:43

They don't work on my iPhone waaaa is there a special app for that? grin

MirandaWest Sun 23-Jun-13 07:27:23

How's everyone doing this? They're the emoji ones on my iPhone (am using mobile site on my iPhone). Maybe I should just use the emoji ones and see what happens...


MirandaWest Sun 23-Jun-13 07:27:45

Nope that didn't work sad

ThistleDown Sun 23-Jun-13 07:35:37


Tee2072 Sun 23-Jun-13 07:47:40

Some ASCII codes work and some don't.

Emojii only works on iPhone.

Us? Break guidelines? ::whistles innocently::

Shaky Sun 23-Jun-13 09:47:52

👩 📋
RowanMumsnet with the Talk Guidelines

RustyBear Sun 23-Jun-13 21:29:05

📱 or the iPad, Tee...

Full moon tonight 🌕

RustyBear Sun 23-Jun-13 21:30:01

Miranda - you have to put [[]] round them.

ICantRememberWhatSheSaid Sun 23-Jun-13 21:40:03

I think all this rampant emoticonning shows that there is a urgent need for TECH to introduce more emoticons. You really can't have too many. 📱💻💾💽. Come on Tech we know you want to. smile


MirandaWest Sun 23-Jun-13 22:48:14


Thank you Rusty smile I can now have so many more emoticons 👑🌂

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