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corblimeymadam Mon 29-May-06 11:36:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SaintGeorge Mon 29-May-06 12:33:44

Not sure why it is doing that.

If it is any help I have cut and pasted from the 'teething' section:

Try Teetha, a homeopathic remedy for teething. My daughter loves it and opens her mouth in expectation before I've even opened a sachet. (Shevvy)

When out and about with your teething/dribbly baby/toddler, keep a small tin of petroleum jelly in your bag to put on their faces to stop the cold weather and winds chpping them when they are so wet. Best of all, you will have soft hands and lips if you remember to use it yourself too. (Jibbsy)

To ease teething pain add an ice cube to a bottle of very diluted juice. The combination of the cold liquid and teat seems to help. (Lozza)

If baby is teething and can't settle in the afternoon. tune into classic FM and both lie down on the bed.. baby falls asleep in no time.... (lakey)

corblimeymadam Mon 29-May-06 22:26:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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