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Is it me or is mumsnet going bonkers for the last hour?

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StressyHead Mon 02-Feb-04 14:06:30

message withdrawn

Hulababy Mon 02-Feb-04 14:50:26

I haven't been able to get on at all for the past hour

Janh Mon 02-Feb-04 14:51:07

Not just you - I haven't been able to get in at all. Poor old tech must be tearing his hair out!

bluebear Mon 02-Feb-04 14:51:42

beetroot Mon 02-Feb-04 14:52:50

Message withdrawn

Bron Mon 02-Feb-04 14:53:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JanHR Mon 02-Feb-04 14:54:20

I don't know.
My mum has now gone home and I wanted a quick fix of MN but could not get on to the talk boards

suzywong Mon 02-Feb-04 14:54:43

that was a little scary

Jaybee Mon 02-Feb-04 14:56:42

It always seems to get really busy and really slow around lunch time - maybe this is due to people logging on in their lunch breaks or the fact that the US wakes up around that time so internet always seems to slow down around 12:00 ish anyway.

ks Mon 02-Feb-04 14:59:05

Message withdrawn

SueW Mon 02-Feb-04 15:20:44

It disappeared on me for a while. This morning I've received emails with that new (last week) blasted virus about a dozen or more times. Thank goodness they are easily picked up. Perhaps mumsnet was inundated too.

Kayleigh Mon 02-Feb-04 19:38:30

What's been going on ??? Looks like mumsnet has been down all afternoon from the time on the last active threads. I was starting to panic

fio2 Mon 02-Feb-04 19:55:56

I was banned again all day...poor tech with all these moaning women!

AussieSim Mon 02-Feb-04 19:57:39

I had heaps of trouble on and off all day today - v frustrating when you are as addicted as me.

beetroot Mon 02-Feb-04 20:23:32

Message withdrawn

fio2 Mon 02-Feb-04 20:26:23

yes i was wondering if someone keeps complaining about me??? (or is that paranoia?)

beetroot Mon 02-Feb-04 20:28:48

Message withdrawn

spacemonkey Mon 02-Feb-04 20:37:27

i've not been able to get on most of the day either ... never realised how addicted i was until now

lou33 Mon 02-Feb-04 21:04:13

Nothing to do with moderators, I've been having trouble too!

beetroot Mon 02-Feb-04 21:10:07

Message withdrawn

lou33 Mon 02-Feb-04 21:16:43

Well I haven't been barred, but I couldn't get on yesterday when I know Lisa78 could.

Us mods have no extra info btw.

beetroot Mon 02-Feb-04 21:19:34

Message withdrawn

lou33 Mon 02-Feb-04 21:30:35

Poo !

Carla Mon 02-Feb-04 21:38:38

I think it's starting again for me already

ks Tue 03-Feb-04 10:28:09

Message withdrawn

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