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Ummm can we have a positive thread about how MN has been there for us, we need it right now guys xx

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mykidsmum Thu 25-May-06 22:16:52

In response to the GF situation can we all post our reasons why this website is so much more, above and beyond gf and all that we have gained by coming here, I think this is the most positive way to make a stand x

misdee Thu 25-May-06 22:18:08

theres one already running hold on a mo.........

misdee Thu 25-May-06 22:18:46


mykidsmum Thu 25-May-06 22:19:10

I will start by saying how when i have been down, when my kids have nits, when i have been at the end of my tether with my dp, when i've been worried about my friends, when i simply haven't known where to turn, when i've needed someone just to effing listen MN has been there for me, come on guys your turn.

Twinkie1 Thu 25-May-06 22:19:27

Message deleted

mykidsmum Thu 25-May-06 22:20:04

Cheers Misdee, great minds and all that

misdee Thu 25-May-06 22:23:49

but to carry on. you guys have been there for me when i thought my husband was going to die last summer due to end stage heart failure. They were there for me on the 1st transplant call and kept me calm-ish throughout. They were also there for the next 2 calls, and the LVAD op. Many mumsnetters have signed up for organ donor register.
i have had support through all of the above and my 3rd pregnancy whuich went on during the stuff above. DH was placed on the list within 3 weeks of dd3 birth, which was very hard to bear.

No book could've helped me with all that.

Lauraschildcare Thu 25-May-06 22:49:03

Hiya all,

Ok it may seem simple to some but to me as a neweee on here it meant a lot, to put a message up on anything and to get a response, all with more experience and knowledge than ni can wave a wand at is invaluable, as the credit card company put it on the tele "PRICELESS". The first people i thought of when good or scary things happen i want to mail the peeps here. They dont know me like they know others but they help whenver help is needed.

I have read some coversations that have brought me to tears and i have read some that have made me laugh, but in all your all a fantastic bunch with a huge heart and i hope one day i will be as wise and as helpfull.

Hats off to you all, you amaze me, you all need a cap and gown ceremony, (thought to self - maybe i have just thought of a huge MEET UP session)

Thank you to everyone, All my love

new chilminder on the block


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