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Please can we have a BIG BROTHER topic so I NEVER have to read the drivel spouted about it again, it makes me feel physically ill....

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CountessDracula Fri 19-May-06 21:36:11


SoupDragon Fri 19-May-06 21:39:18

Dear god no. It will only increase the number of pointless threads.

Coolmama Fri 19-May-06 21:46:30

Am so with you on this one, CountessDracula

7up Fri 19-May-06 21:48:24

you dont have to read it countessdracula, what was it you said oh ye "morons, watching morons" thanks for that my dear

WelshBoris Fri 19-May-06 21:49:23

Dont fight over this fgs

BB fans go and play

CD and gang stay here and abuse BB

7up Fri 19-May-06 21:50:06

hello welsh

WelshBoris Fri 19-May-06 21:51:06

hiya 7up lets not fight over this go and enjoy BB in peace

spacedonkey Fri 19-May-06 21:51:38

what's big brother?

WideWebWitch Fri 19-May-06 22:42:56

I bloody hate big bloody brother too, have never watched it, can't stand the whole thing and feel very middle aged about it all

cod Fri 19-May-06 22:43:45

Message withdrawn

Thomcat Fri 19-May-06 22:45:23

I'm with you on this cod.

puff Fri 19-May-06 22:45:55

rofl cod

Ledodgyherring Fri 19-May-06 22:46:12

lmao @ Cod

cod Fri 19-May-06 22:46:18

Message withdrawn

Ledodgyherring Fri 19-May-06 22:46:33

Arthur negus bless him.

WideWebWitch Fri 19-May-06 22:49:18

Who's Arthur Negus? I may be middle aged moany wanker but have never heard of him. And I do hate BB so ner!

spacedonkey Fri 19-May-06 22:49:49

I'm quite happy to be arthur negus

cod Fri 19-May-06 22:50:16

Message withdrawn

Ledodgyherring Fri 19-May-06 22:50:25

Antiques road show here

spacedonkey Fri 19-May-06 22:50:38

Going for a Song

ahhh good old arth

bubble99 Fri 19-May-06 22:50:45

Anyone fancy a Werther's original?

WideWebWitch Fri 19-May-06 22:50:49

Maybe I am Too Young? <hopeful emoticon>

cod Fri 19-May-06 22:51:10

Message withdrawn

spacedonkey Fri 19-May-06 22:51:56

and of course hugh scully is the epitome of hep catness

unlike old foge arth

cod Fri 19-May-06 22:52:29

Message withdrawn

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