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deleted threads again, sorry.

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grumpygov Fri 26-Apr-13 23:25:36

I am a bit miffed that a thread was deleted today 'for the OPs privacy' when it was blatantly because the OP got a bit of (pretty reasonable and mostly civil) stick and didn't like it. They hadn't given a load of identifiable details, they were just having a huff.

It really spoils it when whole threads disappear sad grumblegrumble

Tee2072 Sat 27-Apr-13 14:41:34

Hull HQ check much longer threads than that all the time. The length has nothing to do with it.

AmandaPayneAteTooMuchChocolate Sat 27-Apr-13 15:46:35

I do think that the OP had probably risked privacy issues. If I was the ex, I think I could have worked out it was me. There can't be that many of that exact situation playing out across the country.

But I do think MNHQ need to think carefully about deleting when the OP has basically gone 'I don't like this, it's going. I am getting it deleted.' the way the OP here did. I agree with MaryZ. She basically got her own way by throwing a tantrum - and I do like to teach my kids that those never work.

I suspect that, whatever happened to the thread, some home truths have been planted in the OPs head, which I hope long term is good for her kids.

Well Helen, I'm not sure about your policy. Do you say anywhere that you will consider requests from an OP for the thread to be deleted ?
Or have I got the general impression that you won't unless there are privacy issues ?

It might be more straight-forward sometimes if an OP could say "This isn't going how I thought it would and I've found people's responses very upsetting and un-helpful, I wouldn't normally ask, but could you consider a deletion? I feel the whole world has taken against me !"
How do you think you'd respond to a request like that ?

Many posters put so much into raising others spirits for example when someone is at rock bottom on other threads - I think a compassionate and individual case by case response by HQ is definitely in order.
Sometimes everyone attacking the OP can be worse than a bun-fight I'd have thought ? Almost a case of bullying if they become sufficiently isolated and attacked by everyone else ?

So, I've just had another look at "talk guidelines" and seen the bits on thread deletion about "being here to make people's lives easier" and if you have "a pressing reason" to ask for a thread deletion to get in contact (via report post ?)
Probably should have read more of the rules a few years ago - but then I'm the sort of person who eg. when playing a board-game, never reads the rules first, but just picks it up as I go along smile

Snazzynewyear Sat 27-Apr-13 18:26:20

Helen, I think actually you do when you believe posters are 'good eggs' regardless of what's been actually posted. Check with your colleagues.

Snazzynewyear Sat 27-Apr-13 18:36:41

Sorry, Helen, on reflection I will rephrase that simply because I don't want to be terse with you personally. But the situation I described earlier and referred to above did indeed happen - ironically, the thread about it isn't here anymore as when it was decided that it had become too attacking of the poster in question, MNHQ then deleted it. Your colleagues may remember this one if it wasn't you on duty that time.

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