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A wee change in the rules re Blogposts on Talk

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 24-Apr-13 10:50:38

Hello, hello,
As you may know, Mumsnet has a thriving Bloggers Network, which happily, many Talk regulars are part of. (Join up now if you're not and you'd like to be!)

Until now, we have specifically asked members of our Bloggers Network not to post links to their blogs on Talk (outside the Bloggers Talk topic) but that does feel a bit mad given folks are linking out all the time to relevant sources and many blogposts are directly relevant to and will enhance the discussions taking place on the site. So this is a heads up that we're relaxing the rule a bit to let MN Bloggers link to their blogs where the subject matter is relevant.

Obviously relevancy is key - this doesn't mean we're going to allow a spam free for all and certainly we'll advise bloggers that this is a discussion forum - so posting a link and running is not ideal - and that blatant, relentless self-promotion isn't on.

Whilst everyone's getting the hang of it we'd ask for a little bit of give and take from all sides [pretty please] and, as ever, we're open to your thoughts and suggestions, so please do feel free to post any here.

Many thanks.

IsBella Sun 26-May-13 12:19:41

Viz trill's question, the best solution is to carry on the conversation under your blogger name, but then what happens if you've already started the convo under your other MN name and then want to post your blog?

(As I jsut did? blush)

Sorry, I'll try not to do that, it's just that I'd started talking and then got wound up and wrote a blog post because I couldn't rant all I wanted to on the thread. grin

fieldsomewhere Tue 04-Jun-13 21:42:32

Think this is a good idea.

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