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"Message deleted by Mumsnet."

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ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 03-Apr-13 13:04:37

They've changed.


They used to look all official.


MardyBra Thu 04-Apr-13 13:24:37

Message deleted by Fenton.

Fenton Thu 04-Apr-13 13:23:02

Coo-eee Rebecca, (one b two c's) they've gorn all white again.

MrsVamos Wed 03-Apr-13 21:11:21

Thought you were just pissed and fraught with holiday fever DC's, Chaos. grin

MrsVamos Wed 03-Apr-13 21:10:06

I stand corrected, Zombie. smile

PDP's should be grey.

Oooh, ooh ! Tech are on the case ! Good ol' tech !

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 03-Apr-13 21:09:06


Wring thread for linkage.

Thank you ArEm. Your service is truly nonparalleled as usual.


ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 03-Apr-13 21:08:00

For Friends geeks.

IamtheZombie Wed 03-Apr-13 21:07:03

Public deleted posts should be grey, MrsV. The problem is that for some reason they aren't at the moment...

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 03-Apr-13 21:06:27



Am I corrcet, ArEm?

It makes scanning for badness most arduous.


You are right as ever Chaos. Tech are aware of the ishooo and will be looking and post-haste - innit.

MrsVamos Wed 03-Apr-13 21:05:49

Oh, I see. smile

So, Rebecca's deleted posts are blue because she is MNHQ.

Public deleted posts will be grey.

Gotcha !

I haven't seen any deleted posts either, come to think of it.

montage Wed 03-Apr-13 21:05:02

grin Excellent thread. Did someone have a bet they could make HQ post that they had deleted themselves for breaking their own guidelines?

IamtheZombie Wed 03-Apr-13 20:59:20

Two of the deleted messages on here are blue because they were posted by and then deleted by Rebecca. She was checking whether it was working at the HQ end but it wasn't. At least a couple of the other deleted messages on here were deleted by her (others are just larking around posts) and they don't have the grey background they should have.

Zombie hasn't noticed any Message Deleted messages anywhere today. Perhaps there just haven't been any on the threads she's looked at or perhaps it's because they aren't grey and Zombie just overlooked them.

MrsVamos Wed 03-Apr-13 20:54:58

Yes, I haven't looked anywhere else.

Are they grey elsewhere ? Should I be bothered to wander off and look ? smile

IamtheZombie Wed 03-Apr-13 20:47:48

Are you talking about on this thread, MrsVamos?

MrsVamos Wed 03-Apr-13 20:46:33

Should it ? Oh.

Both the deleted and MNHQ messages are blue on my screen. The 'deleted' are a slightly darker blue, if you're bothered. grin

GlaikitHasHerFizzBack Wed 03-Apr-13 20:43:33

Blue isn't right, it should be grey. Blue is mnhq posts. I'm purple, oohpees are green. Deleteds need to be grey

MrsVamos Wed 03-Apr-13 20:19:15

Normality is restored.

'Message deleted etc...' is now back to blue. smile

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 03-Apr-13 20:13:59


Am I corrcet, ArEm?

It makes scanning for badness most arduous.


QOD Wed 03-Apr-13 20:01:12

Message deleted by QOD

IamtheZombie Wed 03-Apr-13 19:58:45

'Tis all black and white for Zombie.

BertieBotts Wed 03-Apr-13 19:58:17

It looks like how they used to look before the grey was introduced, ie, easy to fake.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Wed 03-Apr-13 19:48:34

Looks the normal shade of grey to me (on iPhone).

GlaikitHasHerFizzBack Wed 03-Apr-13 17:47:03

Olivia, you are slow, I've already made that funny grin

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 03-Apr-13 17:46:20


Excellent, this is just like ye olde days of yore.

Now we can all pretend we deleted ourselves.


OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 03-Apr-13 17:45:56


What shade of grey is it Miranda?

Surely 50 shades?!?

ImTooHecsyForYourParty Wed 03-Apr-13 17:43:50

ooh. excellent. They made it a different colour to stop us fart arsing about.

I used to like to type 'Message deleted by mumsnet' instead of replying when someone had annoyed me because I figured that they'd make up something far worse that I'd said than I could ever have thought of grin

grin and [lazy]

Threads Im On is weird too. Font's all wrong.

I dislike change. grin

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