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What is a Mumsnet scarf?

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DizzyHoneyBee Sun 31-Mar-13 19:47:40

OK, I know, I'm being dense...but is there really such a thing?!

piprabbit Sun 31-Mar-13 19:53:37

It's not MN official merchandise or anything.
Just a big printed scarf (animal print IIRC) which lots of people saw being discussed on MN and bought off ebay.

ImTooHecsyForYourParty Sun 31-Mar-13 19:53:47

God knows.

I think it's some leopard print thing off amazon or something.

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 01-Apr-13 11:38:16

Hi Dizzy,

Here you go

<drapes scarf around shoulders in a dramatic fashion>

nannynick Mon 01-Apr-13 11:47:56

Love that link Rebecca, I must remember to use that.

DizzyHoneyBee Mon 01-Apr-13 11:54:51

love the link to...I did google it before starting the thread, honestly smile

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