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Spoofs, Jokes and Trolls

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Hullygully Wed 27-Mar-13 16:47:00


I want a serious debate about this.

I started a joke thread, in my own name as usual, about a neighbour stealing a spoon.

It was questioned as "trolling" and I got told off by Rebecca at MNHQ.

Are spoofs and/or jokes no longer allowed?

Since when?

And why?

What do people think about spoofs, jokes and trolls and the difference theereof?

BOEUF Wed 27-Mar-13 16:47:57

I think you should be able to post what you like, hulls.

ArseAche Wed 27-Mar-13 16:49:30

agree, it's good for a laugh so why not?

Hullygully Wed 27-Mar-13 16:49:36

Me? Or one?

MikeChoccyCoatedLitoris Wed 27-Mar-13 16:49:58

I may actually start crying if this place gets any more dull than it already is.

I didnt read the spoon thread but guessed from the title it was a joke.

SecretLindtBunny Wed 27-Mar-13 16:51:13

I think that HQ are a bit on the sensitive side at the minute, but in general spoof threads should be allowed. Hamster casserole anyone?

magimedi Wed 27-Mar-13 16:51:32

I can not believe you got told off.

It was very funny & obviously a silly thread.

Are we not allowed to have a joke from time to time?

I've only been on MN a few months but people do seem to be getting overly serious about everything.

Could it be cabin fever, after this shit, overlong winter?

SoupDreggon Wed 27-Mar-13 16:52:45

Maybe ask MNHQ what's going on, I'm sure they know.

Hullygully Wed 27-Mar-13 16:53:24

Know what?

NotAnotherPackedLunch Wed 27-Mar-13 16:53:46

Threads like that should stay.
It was funny and it wasn't as though you were either being offensive or inspiring others to post about personal/painful experiences.

Maryz Wed 27-Mar-13 16:54:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HotCrossWeaselInSinisterBonnet Wed 27-Mar-13 16:55:03

It is a bit orf, imo.

Trolls rule the boards after 11pm. All manner of inflammatory goadiness is left to stay until harm is done "just in case the op is genuine".

But a harmless bit of farcery gets a bollocking.

Tee2072 Wed 27-Mar-13 16:55:13

It was funny and hardly troll like at all!

HQ, you want to tell us we can't have fun any more? Because this is getting ridiculous.

LadyBeagleEyes Wed 27-Mar-13 16:57:03

I think MNHQ need to see the difference between a spoof funny thread and a troll.
I can understand that with the number of trolls coming on here, and all the reports they must get, it can be tiresome.
BUT if I and many others can clearly see the difference between someone coming on for a laugh (especially if it's a regular poster), and those that just come here out of spite, and to upset people, then surely MNHQ should be able to recognise the nuances too?

StealthPolarBear Wed 27-Mar-13 16:57:51

It wasn't real??
<narrows eyes>
But the heirloom spoon, the coffee morning....and I SENT YOU MONEY to replace it

StealthPolarBear Wed 27-Mar-13 16:58:53

I hate to say it but surely someone must have reported?
Does your neighbour have a scarf?

RustyBear Wed 27-Mar-13 16:59:20

How many of the threads in Classics would have been deleted if they were started today?

What harm could the spoons thread have done to anyone? Were MNHQ afraid that somebody might get conned into sending Hully a new spoon?

HotCrossWeaselInSinisterBonnet Wed 27-Mar-13 16:59:29

Stealth, you've come out as a polar bear again. Congratulations thanks

ImTooHecsyForYourParty Wed 27-Mar-13 17:00:48

The trolls have done this. Sucked some of the joy out of mn.

But what can HQ do now? Judge each thread and say ok, this isn't true but it can stay, that one isn't true and it has to go? Can you imagine the cries of favourites and royalty?

Perhaps the rule should be that it can stay if everyone is having fun.

If people start to fight, it has to go. If we're all playing nicely, we won't get sent to the naughty step. grin

Maryz Wed 27-Mar-13 17:02:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ginslinger Wed 27-Mar-13 17:02:24

I think that if people cannot differentiate between a joke and something serious that they should have both their mumsnet login and their internet connection removed. I am fed up of people piling in on people who merely want to air an idea or ask a question. I am not talking about the ruinous trolls but people who just want to chat. If we have to add 'lighthearted' 'joke' or 'not serious' to every post then it becomes tiresome and the professionally offended will win. There are too many professionally offended people around. I get that some people have more than their fair share of crap in life but that does not mean that other people can't enjoy themselves. Don't read something or ignore it.

And stop saying HUN

StealthPolarBear Wed 27-Mar-13 17:02:57

Hecsy, I guess in reality that is how it works, if no-one reports it flies under MNHQ's radar.
Thank you for the congratulations grin Good to be back. Did anyone miss me?

LadyBeagleEyes Wed 27-Mar-13 17:03:27

I would imagine the people that reported didn't get the joke, and felt a bit silly getting taken in.
Hence reporting, even though the vast majority on the thread were enjoying it.
So, is it MN policy to police people's SOH, and if one person doesn't think it's funny say out of another dozen who join in, the one offended humorless person is the one that is listened to?

TheRealFellatio Wed 27-Mar-13 17:03:48

It's for the benefit of the hard of thinking and the terminally humourless, as they cannot differentiate between spoof/irony and real fuckwittery and trollery.

I hate to say 'PC gorn maaad' but this is what happens when PC goes mad.

ginslinger Wed 27-Mar-13 17:04:15

I really believe that the people who report are so fucking miserable and want no one to have fun that they go around seeking to deliberately take offence.

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