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Eggspect terrible puns - the Easter Name Change Competition is here!

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KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 18-Mar-13 15:58:39

We know you guys go daft(odils) for a good old seasonal name change comp - so get your thinking Easter Bonnets on and prepare thy wasitlines, there is chocolate to be won.

The lovely folks at Kinnerton have donated some prizes for the winning namechange and runners up

To enter, name change to something suitably hilarious and Easter themed, then post on this thread and tell us who you normally are, so we can see how clever you've been.

We'll choose a sort list at some point <vague> and then you'll all have till the end of the week to vote for a winner.

So hop to it!

SoupDreggon Mon 18-Mar-13 16:02:09

Must we?


KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 18-Mar-13 16:12:57


Must we?


That's the spirit!

ChocStocksRunningLow Mon 18-Mar-13 16:17:17

Tis I, either FrankWippery or RockStock depending on my mood grin

SoupDreggon Mon 18-Mar-13 16:49:41

Spirit? Don't mind if I do... I'll have vodka please.

KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 18-Mar-13 16:59:55


Spirit? Don't mind if I do... I'll have vodka please.

<pours glass of Easter Egg liquor>

Sorry, it's all we had in

TubGirl Mon 18-Mar-13 17:01:46


I'm not sure this incarnation lends itself to festive changes.

Should I revert back to previous persona?

TheJoeufulPuddlejumper Mon 18-Mar-13 17:09:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShrewveTuesday Mon 18-Mar-13 17:15:26

KatherinaMinola here


<v v clever Shakespearean allusion>

<twirls again>

HerbyVore Mon 18-Mar-13 17:26:04

I can't think of anything Easter-y to do with my name sad

.. but I really like ChocStocksRunningLow - very clever, like. smile

wannabeEostregoddess Mon 18-Mar-13 17:28:20


Hope this counts. smile

HippoTEEHoppiTEE Mon 18-Mar-13 17:34:37


Tee2072, in case you were unsure...

HippiTEEHoppoTEE Mon 18-Mar-13 17:38:05

Sorry, had it backwards. This one. blush

BIWI Mon 18-Mar-13 17:39:06

Shall I drag my Easter name out again?! grin

SpringtimeForShatner Mon 18-Mar-13 17:40:39


BecauseImWoeufIt Mon 18-Mar-13 17:41:12

Oh, alright ...

HerbyVore Mon 18-Mar-13 17:43:20

I like it BIWI, because it's a hidden egg - very subtle.

BecauseImWoeufIt Mon 18-Mar-13 17:44:26


It comes out every year. It's looking a bit threadbare now though ...

ChocStocksRunningLow Mon 18-Mar-13 18:05:59

Why thank you HerbyVore. grin

TeggieCambeggBlegg Mon 18-Mar-13 18:11:06

TaaaaaDaaaaaaah [chocolate]

TaggieCampbellBlack at your service.

TeggieCambeggBlegg Mon 18-Mar-13 18:11:37

Bugger. I've missed out my p. Hang on.

TeggieCampbeggBlegg Mon 18-Mar-13 18:13:08

Have I over egged it?

LeggoAcubunnyture Mon 18-Mar-13 18:13:41

Usually LegoAcupuncture

HippiTEEHoppoTEE Mon 18-Mar-13 18:24:06

I think it's good, Teggie.

TheAccidentalEgghibitionist Mon 18-Mar-13 18:26:27

Hello, see what I've done here. It was just too easy grin

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