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I'm having a weird and annoying problem with MN

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ShowOfHands Tue 26-Feb-13 14:04:38

It's been going on since this morning. It's when I scroll down the page. It's a bit like the page has split into three separate pieces, lengthways. And the middle section scrolls marginally slower than the two outside sections. So it looks juddery and odd. Not happening on any other site. Been going on all day. I even went away and had a buttery crumpet and a hot tea, but it's still doing it upon my return.

Classic, IE9, Earl Grey, 32D, Scone to rhyme with Chrome.

OneHundredSecondsofSolitude Tue 26-Feb-13 14:08:27

I once smoked some salvia divinorum and the whole world went like that


TrinityRhino Tue 26-Feb-13 14:09:56

I took mushrooms once and everything went like that, also with everyones voices sounding like wwwaaaaaooouhhhhhhh wweeeouuuuaahahhhhaaaaa

TrinityRhino Tue 26-Feb-13 14:10:47

oh and my mumsnet is fine

[very unhelpful]

seeker Tue 26-Feb-13 14:13:51

It does that on my IPad if I scroll too fast.

Can I add my problem? One particular thread this morning I could only look at it for about 5 seconds, then it took me right out of mumsnet all together and to my IPad's "front page' ! Probably a good idea, as it was a thread I shouldn't have been looking at! But still very odd.

Sorry to gate crash- but I saw your thread and wondered if your odd problem was the same as my odd problem!

ShowOfHands Tue 26-Feb-13 14:19:11

I don't even drink alcohol. I don't want an MN sanctioned high. I don't want bright colours and funny noises dammit. I want my drab, grey life and an occasionally pleasing cup of tea.

Gatecrash all you like seeker. We could have an odd problem amnesty.

I'll start...

I still rock the trolley even though there's no baby in it.

YouveCatToBeKittenMe Tue 26-Feb-13 14:20:09

Strange things are happening

I have started a thread about my mutant scroll bar....but it is still there so rather than get on with anything useful I have decorated it

scroll bar armageddon is happening, I think they are going to take over the world.

TrinityRhino Tue 26-Feb-13 14:20:34

I do that too, the trolley rocking

I was jiggling a bag if potatoes the other day and my youngest is 6

yep, gecko is 6!!

TrinityRhino Tue 26-Feb-13 14:21:41

nice one kitten grin

YouveCatToBeKittenMe Tue 26-Feb-13 14:23:47

we forgot to buy potatoes this week, had to dash out on Sunday for Aunt Bessies for Sunday Lunch, but they had all been bought by all the other lazy feckers!


ShowOfHands Tue 26-Feb-13 14:31:45

Gecko is never 6. Nope, nope, nope. Good Lord.

My ds is 17mo. He says 'potato' when he doesn't know how to say a word.


RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 26-Feb-13 15:29:38

Hello hello

Sorry about this - we do seem to be having non-specific scrollage probs today <clueless face>

Tech are going to look into it and hopefully we will have some news soon

AgentProvocateur Tue 26-Feb-13 15:39:50

It's because you pronounce scone wrongly. It rhymes with gone. wink

cumfy Tue 26-Feb-13 15:41:53

Yup, scrollage issues here on Opera 11.

Not so much scrolling but it's buggering up the keyboard link navigation.<Opera nerd>

Tech (MNHQ) Tue 26-Feb-13 16:05:27

Hi, can you let us know if this is still happening, and if so, is it on all pages or just some pages (and which ones if just some.) Thanks mucho.

cumfy Tue 26-Feb-13 18:45:24

The link navigation on Opera is behaving normally now on LIO, topic lists and threads.

Normally Opera only gets confused like that when something funny is stuck round links or they're javascripted.

YouveCatToBeKittenMe Tue 26-Feb-13 19:09:51

I still have the scroll bar if I go into the camping topic, but it seems to have gone otherwise

<hopes she's not about to be ask to click through every topic, just in case>

ShowOfHands Tue 26-Feb-13 19:12:20

All fixed!

It was all MN pages, just so you know.

<launches a scone which rhymes with chrome at Agent>

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