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Can we be allowed to post 'oh do fuck off' in certain circumstances. Like when people post 'is that really all you have to worry about?'

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Pagwatch Mon 11-Feb-13 10:51:41

Could we not have one each. Like a waiver.


NoelHeadbands Mon 11-Feb-13 10:52:32

Oh do fuck off Pagwatch

NoelHeadbands Mon 11-Feb-13 10:53:02

Dammit I didn't see the one each bit. Just wasted mine now

Panzee Mon 11-Feb-13 10:53:12

Can the answer to your question be "yes, yes it is."? grin

Pagwatch Mon 11-Feb-13 10:54:50

Mwahahahaha NoelHeadbands

Frankly I feel sorry for you children


TantrumsAndBalloons Mon 11-Feb-13 10:58:34

1 per day? or 1 per thread?

Because I think I may go over my limit if its just 1 grin

and yes, that is all I have to worry about. I live an enchanted life.

NoelHeadbands Mon 11-Feb-13 10:58:39

grin that certainly is one of the phrases where 'oh do fuck off' should be the accepted, nay ONLY response ...

pictish Mon 11-Feb-13 11:01:22

I agree. I think telling someone to fuck off is ok. I think it should be allowed. I can handle being tol to fuck off...sometimes I deserve it.

LtEveDallas Mon 11-Feb-13 11:02:27

One per thread, definately. One per day, acceptable. One per week - just not enough.

VenusRising Mon 11-Feb-13 11:03:46

You could do it stealth stylee: ODFO

PomBearWithAnOFRS Mon 11-Feb-13 11:05:52

Can we have an "Oh do fuck off dear" too, for that little extra je ne sais quoi that means so much? grin

FrankWippery Mon 11-Feb-13 11:06:22

One per thread. It has to be, anything less would be an awful bore and result in much kicking of imaginary kittens.

Pagwatch Mon 11-Feb-13 11:06:44

One per thread. Def.

I am also getting irritated by an increasing number of very PA and patronising

'gosh, you are getting stressed. Why don't you put your energy into something else. <head tilt>'

Fuck off. I am just posting like you are. If its unimportant then why are you posting every three minutes you absoloutely scrotum.

LtEveDallas Mon 11-Feb-13 11:11:01

If its unimportant then why are you posting every three minutes you absoloutely scrotum

Are you OK Pag? <<head tilt>>


Pagwatch Mon 11-Feb-13 11:12:35


I'm fine. Although I have no notion what an absoloutely scrotum is.

It's as if my insult generator is playing up.

<lies down>

FrankWippery Mon 11-Feb-13 11:14:09

<passes gin>

LtEveDallas Mon 11-Feb-13 11:15:07

Ahhh, I have it on good authority that if you let out a few "Fucking Fuckers Fuck the Fuck Off" it will reset...

Pagwatch Mon 11-Feb-13 11:17:50

Having a fuck off allowance would work.
You could plop them regularly or save them up for a fuckofffest.

BeerTricksPotter Mon 11-Feb-13 11:19:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pagwatch Mon 11-Feb-13 11:21:02

Yes. Dalek. Or possibly Trevor McDonald.

Tee2072 Mon 11-Feb-13 11:25:12

I think it's time for me to get my placard out:

What do we want?
24 hours of allowing any and all Personal Attacks.
Why do we want it?
Because sometimes you have to call a cunt a cunt and tell them to fuck off.
When do we want it?
As soon as fucking possible!

Too long?

Who is with me?

::marches in a circle shouting by herself::
::leaves for school run so won't see agreement or otherwise for ages::

LtEveDallas Mon 11-Feb-13 11:25:39

Oh no, my "Oh do Fuck Off" needs to be said by Maureen Lipman or Penelope Keith. With a little x at the end for a total PA mindfuck.

seeker Mon 11-Feb-13 11:27:33

Oh yes please! How about 1 an month?

Pagwatch Mon 11-Feb-13 11:28:31

In fairness it could be more pithy Tee, but I like the energy.

It would have to be Penelope Keith as Margot. Not the wishy washy one from the series where she lived in an outbuilding of her old home.
<brains gone>
<one more thing to worry about>

BeerTricksPotter Mon 11-Feb-13 11:29:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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