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Getting Mumsnet back to the way it used to be.

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Jubbly Mon 12-Jan-04 21:34:38

I've posted this under Site Stuff because I truly do believe that this is affecting the whole site at the moment - or at least the 'Talk' area.

I apologise in advance to anyone who thinks I am speaking out of turn but I feel I have to say something.

Mumsnet, to me at least, is the very best site of its kind. The posters are the kindest, friendliest bunch of people I have ever had the privilege to meet. I won't make them blush by naming names but some in particular have literally brought tears to my eyes with their kindness and generosity.

I don't know what has happened recently but over the past few days or so the 'atmosphere on here has been awful, Some threads have turned into war-zones with name-calling and insults. On the'safe' threads people are talking about how awful they are feeling after having their professions pulled to pieces.

At the same time new members are afraid to post in case they are accused of being a troll. Posters are feeling hurt when they talk about awful experiences and are accused of lying.

The point of this thread isn't to cast the blame on anyone. I just want to make a plea to people to try to think before they post. Think about how what you say may affect others.Count to ten if you need to but please can we get Mumsnet back to the way it was?

codswallop Mon 12-Jan-04 21:36:10

this happens every so often and nothing changes - its life - poeple row - its virtual and thereofr is not really subject to strict rules

It normally happens on Tuesdays though, sothat IS a change.

nearlymybeetrootday Mon 12-Jan-04 21:36:23

Message withdrawn

nearlymybeetrootday Mon 12-Jan-04 21:36:45

Message withdrawn

codswallop Mon 12-Jan-04 21:36:51

anyway - as they say - if you dont like - it dont read it

codswallop Mon 12-Jan-04 21:37:20

Great minds - would like to meet up soon Beety

PPh towers suit you?

nearlymybeetrootday Mon 12-Jan-04 21:39:08

Message withdrawn

popsycal Mon 12-Jan-04 21:39:45

Jubbly - I was just typing a similar thread about 15 mins ago before I had to go and check on DS. My PC had 'timed out' and logged me off....
I agree with your sentiments. I am no longer posting on THAT thread as it is really getting me down. It is difficult though as no sooner do I stop posting then another insulting comment comes on and I can not ignore it. i have tried to be understanding of comments to begin with but when it gets personal it is just not on.
I personally would like the whole thread to be deleted and to move on.......
Thanks for you post, Jubbly - I am sure most people will agree with your message!
D x

Hulababy Mon 12-Jan-04 21:43:43

Agree with Popsycal and yourself.

princesspeahead Mon 12-Jan-04 21:43:58

late jan fine by me... anyone else you want to invite to my house coddy?!

codswallop Mon 12-Jan-04 21:44:56

LOl - we can obv go elswwhere - but you do have the capacity!

Put beety inthe dungeon

Hulababy Mon 12-Jan-04 21:46:25

Sometimes easier said that done though CD

lavender1 Mon 12-Jan-04 21:47:31

I have to agree that some threads are bad news, but have only been on site for 3 months. What did mumsnet used to be like, as new don't know...what are we and are we NOT supposed to talk about...Thanks.

codswallop Mon 12-Jan-04 21:48:17

I am sure it was always contraversial

JanH Mon 12-Jan-04 21:50:43


fio2 Mon 12-Jan-04 21:51:28

well done jubbly, i like you

Hulababy Mon 12-Jan-04 21:53:22

Lavender - think we can talk about and discuss almost anything. It is personal attacks people don't like though.

codswallop Mon 12-Jan-04 21:54:18

actuallty I lke all the argey bargey -

if you cant take it then opt out of those threads I would say

nearlymybeetrootday Mon 12-Jan-04 22:06:33

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Mon 12-Jan-04 22:11:17

I agree, I remember the first couple of times this happened after I had started posting I got really upset, now I don't as I know it will all blow over in no time.

donnie Mon 12-Jan-04 22:11:52

in principle I agree with what you say Jubbly, but I also believe that anyone who is attacked has the right to defend themselves.This includes verbal attacks and anyone who denigrates an entire profession just because of a trivial incident.Rather like if I slagged off an entire race or religion because I once met a member of that race I didn't like, everyone would jump on me immediately.And quite rightly so.It's nice to all get on and agree but disagreements must be dealt with too.I don't think MNers should avoid confrontation simply for fear of upsetting people.If they are being confronted - deal with it.This is how I feel about the situation.Personal abuse no, justified and reasonable retaliation yes.

Beccarollover Mon 12-Jan-04 22:23:57

Can I come to pph towers?

tamum Mon 12-Jan-04 22:32:10

I agree with donnie. I do think that in the discussion she is referring to it had got to the point where it simply couldn't have been justifiably ignored. There are some posters, not many, who consistently court controversy and feel able to say whatever they like. I don't think in those circumstances it's very surprising that the gloves come off. This is a public message board with archived threads; all the more reason, I agree, to think before you post, but also a good reason not to have to just lie back and take it if you and your colleagues are being denigrated.

Jubbly Tue 13-Jan-04 08:15:03

Sorry, I should have been clearer in my original posting. I'm not actually a new poster. I've been around for almost a year now (can't believe it's been so long!) but have had had to change my name recently. A close relative has just recommended MN to me and I wasn't sure if this was a genuine recommendation or a hint that she had read my previous posts and recognised me.

I know we have always had our more contentious issues:

Gina Ford, Controlled crying, Bf vs formula, SAHM vs working mothers etc.

These debates have always been heated and no doubt always will be. If we all had the same opinions there would be nothing left to debate or discuss. What I was talking about was the general insult-trading. Type names like 'bitch' into the Search Board and see how many 'hits' you get. I'm sure MN could tell you just how many posts/threads they have had requests to delete lately. Even 'nice' threads have ended up as battles. You only have to look at the 'Arsenal' thread from yesterday to see that it isn't just the threads about children and child issues that are turning out this way.

fio2 Tue 13-Jan-04 08:25:48

I did a search on 'bitch' and my name came up quite alot, lol I will have to start using stars, I will say when I have used a swear word it has not been to have a go at anyone on here - okay - please forgive me.......

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