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Sorry, sorry, sorry. HIDE POSTER button again.

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IamtheZombie Thu 03-Jan-13 17:21:06

Zombie is old. Zombie is grumpy. She freely admits to those.

Zombie also has one tit left and there are a few posters who are really, really getting on it.

It's getting to the point that she's about ready to take an extended MN holiday just for the sake of her blood pressure and her sanity.

Please, please may we have a hide poster button?

AnyFucker Sat 05-Jan-13 20:57:02

mary, that sounds like a terrifying episode sad

cider and black...'twas the drink of choice for teenagers where I came from

cheap...but nobody really liked the taste so disguised it with cordial

white lightning ....christ almighty, I annihalated a few million brain cells on that stuff

GetorfsaMotherfuckingMorrisMan Sat 05-Jan-13 23:25:09

Network yes I AM a lightweight now grin

My btother went to university in southampton and ir emember a very drunken evening there in a student bat. Fucking absinthe.

Maryz Sat 05-Jan-13 23:38:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SwedishEdith Sat 05-Jan-13 23:44:21

Cider and black and Pernod- in the same glass= a Red Witch. Think I could still drink a Pernod and black very easily, with lots of ice

AnyFucker Sat 05-Jan-13 23:44:55

< boak >

SwedishEdith Sat 05-Jan-13 23:45:43

I feel like that about the cider part

Maryz Sat 05-Jan-13 23:48:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SwedishEdith Sat 05-Jan-13 23:53:11

Ha ha, Creme de menthe was always the drink of last resort when in someone else's parents house (This happened once actually- exaggerating for effect!)

Maryz Sat 05-Jan-13 23:58:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SwedishEdith Sun 06-Jan-13 00:02:12

That's right - couldn't be watered down in clubs and pubs! Still love Pernod/Ricard but, obviously, classier to refer to it as pastis now wink

NetworkGuy Mon 07-Jan-13 01:42:08

Was out Saturday night at a neighbour's (yes, I did take a bottle of something with me, not for me to drink it) ... no cider, so I had a few of the Blue Wkd vodka drinks.... fruity alcopop, can see why it is appealing to teens, think some cider is stronger, but nice as an alternative for me to take in my 'water' bottle when I go to the gym!

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