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Windoews phone and uploading pictures

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I have tried uploading pictures using my new phone and when i click on browse nothing comes up.

How can I upload pictures with this Phone? And will there be a windows app at all coming?


RebeccaTheHallsMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 01-Jan-13 16:31:28

Hi SPsFanjo,

You can read more about where we are with Mobile here

I'm not sure about uploading images from a phone running Windows, but I will ask Tech.

Happy New Year

Thank you

Happy new uear

Tech (MNHQ) Thu 03-Jan-13 09:34:16

Hi SPFHSN. Unfortunately, as I understand it, your windows phone browser doesn't have access to your photo library as a set of files, so the browser can't let you choose a picture to upload to MN. This is a feature of windows phone.

We have a project on the go to enable people to send us pictures from phones more easily, but it'll probably be a while yet.

Sorry not to have better news.....

Ok. Thank you Tech

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