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HQ, anyone up? We are being invaded!

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CatPussRoastingOnAnOpenFire Sat 29-Dec-12 02:18:27

Seems we have an influx of idiots tonight! There have been loads of really unpleasant posts. Any chance of some deletions?

ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 29-Dec-12 03:16:24

Why's everyone up?

The cool dudes that us?

LRDtheFeministDude Sat 29-Dec-12 03:18:08

I'm up because I'm at my parents house and can't sleep. I am wishing away the time til I can drive home! You?

CatPussRoastingOnAnOpenFire Sat 29-Dec-12 03:18:13

There's 3 of them. I think HQ are asleep on watch! There will be keel hauling tomorrow! grin

LRDtheFeministDude Sat 29-Dec-12 03:18:48


You're a harsh master, catpuss.

Jacksmania Sat 29-Dec-12 03:19:05

I'm up. Does that mean I'm cool? <snogs Chaos>

But no one laughed at my "The Moronic Verses".

I'm sad.

SledYuleCated Sat 29-Dec-12 03:19:19

I am supposed to be asleep. Instead I am getting cross at idiot posters.

Sadly, I don't think they're all so hairy handed sad

LRDtheFeministDude Sat 29-Dec-12 03:20:36

I'll do you loads of flattering amused posts if you'll let me into the cool circle, jacks? What are the verses?

Jacksmania Sat 29-Dec-12 03:20:57

No?? Who are they then? confused
I'm all confoozled now.

LRDtheFeministDude Sat 29-Dec-12 03:21:14

sled, you were amazing. And I think some of them (cough, cough) were certainly hairy-handed!

ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 29-Dec-12 03:21:51

My lungs don't seem to be working properly tbh, and I'm a bit ubsetteled.

But snogs from cool friends helps. May have to be shrot snogs though.


LRDtheFeministDude Sat 29-Dec-12 03:22:51

Oh, no. chaos, that sounds properly serious - are you ok?

LRDtheFeministDude Sat 29-Dec-12 03:23:08

(I'm not snogging you though!grin)

Jacksmania Sat 29-Dec-12 03:23:29

LRD, I always thought you were awesome smile
You can be in my circle any time wish I had a circle

I posted upthread that we've got The Moronic Verses going on to iChat, with all the fucking trolls about. It was a lame pun on "The Satanic Verses".

ChaosTrulyReigns Sat 29-Dec-12 03:23:33

Nearly out of power and one of the Chaotics has stolen my charher, so I'm prob off in a mo, mwahx

SledYuleCated Sat 29-Dec-12 03:23:37

Thanks, LRD. I felt like I was running round in circles.

I'm not very good at spotting bridge dwellers.

Jacksmania Sat 29-Dec-12 03:24:33

This ducking new phone hates me. It hates me, I tell you.

To iChat = tonight

CatPussRoastingOnAnOpenFire Sat 29-Dec-12 03:24:58

You ok Chaos my love? <<worried now>>

Jacksmania Sat 29-Dec-12 03:25:15

Night Chaos. <lurgy snog>

Jacksmania Sat 29-Dec-12 03:26:30


This bloody new phone apparently doesn't like to swear, either. Fortunately I don't believe I have to explain "ducking" to this crowd grin

LRDtheFeministDude Sat 29-Dec-12 03:27:42

jacks - I got the pun! I got the pun! <jumps up and down excitedly>

Ok, that doesn't really do you justice. But I am happy to know what it was!

sled - I agreed with you 100% and I think most people did. There was one poster who didn't and there was also a poster who was posting about 'n*ggers' who didn't, and who'd posted similarly offensive shite on other threads. Even if that's pure coincidence those two agreed against everyone else I think it's clear you were saying things most people agreed with!

Thumbwitch Sat 29-Dec-12 03:27:52

What the jeff is a charher, Chaos? confused

Another invasion? Are these people's own boards so very boring then that they feel the need to come over here?

LRDtheFeministDude Sat 29-Dec-12 03:28:25

chaos - night night. I do hope you're ok - if your lungs are struggling look after yourself, won't you?!

Jacksmania Sat 29-Dec-12 03:28:32

I think it's a charger. As in phone charger grin

SledYuleCated Sat 29-Dec-12 03:31:15

Ah yes, I had managed to spot the tufts on MB's greasy paws wink

There was a lot of consensus. Just not with the OP grin now I really am going to sleep.


Jacksmania Sat 29-Dec-12 03:34:11

LRD, jumping up and down works for me smile

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