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Mumsnet pages too wide for my phone!

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Horsemad Sat 22-Dec-12 09:49:06

Have been reading the site very successfully on my Android phone but suddenly, the pages don't seem to fit? I'm having to scroll across the page to read which didn't seem to happen before.

What's happened?!

AnAirOfHopeInAManger Sun 23-Dec-12 13:38:14

Working now thank u

FarelyKnuts Sun 23-Dec-12 13:39:09

Oh I lie. its working now grin

cakesonatrain Sun 23-Dec-12 13:39:40

Ooh, tis fixed!
Merry Christmas HQ smile

Tech (MNHQ) Sun 23-Dec-12 13:41:16

OK. I think we know what's wrong. Ta very much for all your help with the diagnosis.... mwah x

CremeEggThief Sun 23-Dec-12 13:44:02

Yay! Seems to be fixed here too. Thanks MNHQ Tech smile.

EmpressOfTheNorthPole Sun 23-Dec-12 13:45:42

Thanks Tech.

SledYuleCated Sun 23-Dec-12 13:47:57

Three cheers for Tech thanks

Tech (MNHQ) Sun 23-Dec-12 13:48:59

Oh you know (blush.) Is it still ok now?

SledYuleCated Sun 23-Dec-12 13:51:24

Um, it's actually just got worse blush

Threads I'm On and Active are fine, actual threads are hideously wide.

SledYuleCated Sun 23-Dec-12 13:53:44

Ooh, under the advert bar at the top there is a very small thin line. That is going the whole way across the extra wide bit.

SledYuleCated Sun 23-Dec-12 13:54:39

And Active and Threads I'm On aren't ok...

Tech (MNHQ) Sun 23-Dec-12 13:56:07

Yes that's deliberate. It's slightly difficult to explain, but what's supposed to happen is that your phone spots that that line is the widest thing on the page then scales the page to fit it across the width of the phone. It sounds like some android phones aren't doing that. I thought we'd fixed it, but maybe not.

So is everything wide for you sled?

Tech (MNHQ) Sun 23-Dec-12 14:02:50

OK. This should be OK again now.

SledYuleCated Sun 23-Dec-12 14:07:03

Ok. Seems to be better. Threads Im On is still a bit wide, but not as cavernous as before. Normal thread pages seem ok. There don't seem to be any adverts though... Not sure if that's intentional?

SledYuleCated Sun 23-Dec-12 14:07:33

And I'm on an iPhone, if that helps!

5madthings Sun 23-Dec-12 14:35:06

Its fixed!!!!

reindeercanteatsweets Sun 23-Dec-12 14:52:08

Thank you tech.
<passes gin> happy chrostmas

ToriaHosannaHeadacheChelsea Sun 23-Dec-12 15:28:31

Working fine for me now, thanks Tech! <hands out homemade shortbread>

Horsemad Sun 23-Dec-12 15:31:17

All fine here now grin

Thank you, it was driving me mad!!

Snazzyfeelingfestive Sun 23-Dec-12 17:18:11

Fixed for me now too. God bless you every one, Tech smile flowers

desperateforaholiday Thu 03-Jan-13 18:54:05

Mines gone wrong again, same as before, anyone else's?

Crawling Thu 03-Jan-13 19:14:12

Mines gone wrong its very annoying.

Horsemad Thu 03-Jan-13 20:11:37

I've had to get on the laptop 'cause I can't stand surfing the site on my mobile phone sad


MelodyBaker Thu 03-Jan-13 20:16:23

Mines gone again

Snazzynewyear Thu 03-Jan-13 20:55:57

Yes, mine's gone again too. Tech? Hello? Hello?

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