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What just happened to TIO?

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TeeElfOnTeeShelf Mon 10-Dec-12 15:02:37

My threads are in weird order, and before you ask, yes I double checked the order I had them and even changed it with the drop down menu, they are still in a weird order!

I can't even tell you what order they are as it's all wonky and illogical!

MrsSantasCervix Mon 10-Dec-12 18:29:52

Driving me batty, having to scroll to the bottom to find the thread I most recently posted on.

First you fuck with Floaty, now you're messing with TIO?

When will it end????


TheHoneyDragonsDrunkInTheIvy Mon 10-Dec-12 19:02:37


Dude. Things are bad enough with out urinating on them too. Put it back in the pants please and fetch mop.

TheOneWithTheHair Mon 10-Dec-12 19:04:22

Still not fixed. It's driving me mad. And when I post it doesn't move back up either.

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Mon 10-Dec-12 19:07:50

Thank goodness it's not just me, but its going to make things very confusing for my important Christmas Day weather thread.

CabbageLeaves Mon 10-Dec-12 19:17:29

Aha! I have been refreshing TIO and shaking my iPad in an irritated gawd you're just crap way. Now I know it's not to blame I'll go back to stroking it

Tech (MNHQ) Mon 10-Dec-12 19:44:16

What's all this? I'll have a look.

OlaRapaceFru Mon 10-Dec-12 19:49:07

It's all gorn weird, Tech confused
Get yeself out of that Manhattan bar <snort> grin

Tech (MNHQ) Mon 10-Dec-12 19:49:28

Hi, we can fix this, but it means restarting the site so we'll do it overnight. Sorry for the trouble....

OlaRapaceFru Mon 10-Dec-12 19:57:42

Yeehah - saved by the Cavalry Tech!!

Thank you. Mwah!

TheOneWithTheHair Mon 10-Dec-12 19:57:45

Fingers crossed for the morning then. Thanks Tech.

Sympathy to all the night time mn'ers.

TeeElfOnTeeShelf Mon 10-Dec-12 20:20:51

MWAH Tech.

Did you see my other thread about the link to Hugh's web chat going to Active??!?!

Have you started the Christmas drinking early?

FamiliesShareGerms Mon 10-Dec-12 20:22:30

Phew!! Thought I had fucked my settings up somehow!

FatimaLovesBread Mon 10-Dec-12 20:24:39

Restarting the site overnight? But what will I read when I'm up feeding shock

usualsocksprezzie Mon 10-Dec-12 20:27:51

I'm lost without TIO.

usualsocksprezzie Mon 10-Dec-12 20:32:06

oh I've found some at the bottom, It's also showing threads I was on but have been deleted. Did it always do that?

Tech (MNHQ) Mon 10-Dec-12 20:53:20

FLB, we'll only have to restart it for like 30 seconds or something.

TEOTS, what is the link that goes to active instead of the webchat? I'll check out the other thread

USP, the showing deleted ones thing is deliberate. It's because we used to get quite a lot of "A thread I'm on has disappeared from threads I'm on, why is that?" emails. If they stay on the list but marked as deleted it should be more obvious what's going on we thought.

TeeElfOnTeeShelf Mon 10-Dec-12 20:55:03

Under the Latest box on the RHS, the link to Hugh's webchat actually links to Active Convos rather than to the chat thread.

TeeElfOnTeeShelf Mon 10-Dec-12 20:55:23

There's another thread in Site Stuff about it.

usualsocksprezzie Mon 10-Dec-12 21:01:27

Ah. Good plan tech. About the deleted threads.

GrimmaTheNome Mon 10-Dec-12 22:22:49

If it only takes 30 secs to restart, why wait...this is driving us nuts.

cumfy Mon 10-Dec-12 22:40:29

30 sec for Tech, not 30 sec for users!grin

GlaikitFizzogTheChristmasElf Mon 10-Dec-12 22:51:03

Like ripping off a plaster, best to do it quickly and without thinking.

NorksAreTinselly Mon 10-Dec-12 23:02:20

Having a problem with the space/time continuum, tech?
Perhaps we need Cpt Janeway to explain it, or Doc Brown?

Tech (MNHQ) Tue 11-Dec-12 00:57:14

Threads I'm on should be back to normal now. Sorry for the trouble.....

cumfy Tue 11-Dec-12 00:59:13


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