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Tech, can you help please?

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jodee Thu 08-Jan-04 10:32:38

Hi Tech, I've sent 2 emails to Mumsnet recently (one just before Christmas in reply to an email from Justine) and one 3 days ago to the Contact Us email address, but I've not had any reply - can you check if they have been received please?

Thank you.

jodee Fri 09-Jan-04 11:53:49

Is anybody there - busy sorting out server probs I expect?!

Tissy Fri 09-Jan-04 11:59:14

tech isn't around full-time, Have you tried "contactus" again?

jodee Fri 09-Jan-04 12:35:54

I'll give Contactus another go - thanks for your reply Tissy, I was starting to feel unloved!

justiner Fri 09-Jan-04 14:51:53

Hi Jodee,
So sorry you've been ignored - absolutely unintentional of course. Please do write to because it goes to all four of us - Tech sometimes has a few days when he doesn't have time to check his mail - busy man that he is

jodee Sat 10-Jan-04 08:40:00

Hi Justine, thanks - I will resend my message to to ContactUs.

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