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Mobile app acting weird

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ipotty Fri 02-Nov-12 18:23:55

Is there a problem with the mobile app at the moment that you're aware of? My active conversations is playing up. It shows the same few threads by posters at the top instead of the usual MN threads that are there. I have deleted and reloaded the app but its just the same. Thank you!!

bangersmashandbeans Fri 02-Nov-12 18:44:05

Same thing happening to me too.

melliebobs Fri 02-Nov-12 18:45:10

Same here

Lovesoftplay Fri 02-Nov-12 18:48:33

And here

TaggieCampbellBlack Fri 02-Nov-12 18:53:43

Not the app but the mobile site keep throwing me off. Just flicks off internet. Most annoying and interruptiony.
Still have to keep logging back in too.

peanutbear Fri 02-Nov-12 18:58:39

Yes and my app keeps showing me active threads from days ago. And there is a opening sentence stuck to the top of my screen

I've reinstalled to no avail lol

UnnamedFemaleProtagonist Fri 02-Nov-12 19:01:36

Mine is showing active convo's from a few days ago too. It also had a box that came up saying it was 'temporaly unavailable' *shudder.

ipotty Fri 02-Nov-12 19:39:18

Yes! The active threads at the top of mine are from ages ago too! I'm glad it's not just me. I thought my phone was starting to play up smile

UnnamedFemaleProtagonist Fri 02-Nov-12 21:07:13

Fucking pack it in. The kids are on the laptop and facebook is quiet. Don't tell me I need to go on the daily hate mail site? <gets razor>

newtonupontheheath Fri 02-Nov-12 21:22:40

Same here! And I've only just re-downloaded the app after last time confused

RubyrooUK Fri 02-Nov-12 21:43:23

Yes, me too, this has happened for the last few weeks. Tried turning phone off; redowloading; logging in and corrupts again very quickly.

I have the thread title stuck at the top of my screen and then I can't post or flip threads. Driving me totally mad.

MNHQ? Any update on what's gone wrong?

LittleFriendSusan Fri 02-Nov-12 22:02:29

Same here with the active threads and randomly logging out...

Also am having problems going between pages of a thread: app doesn't always seem to recognise the end of a thread? As in I click on the 'next' button, it says 'loading discussions' but doesn't load anything. If I flip the thread I have already seen the last post, so there was nothing to load, if that makes any sense!

Very frustrating!!

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 02-Nov-12 22:29:14

Sorry this does sound annoying - are these not "stickies" thread?

RubyrooUK Fri 02-Nov-12 22:54:58

What is stickies thread Olivia?

The thread title that gets stuck is just whatever thread I was looking at, stuck on the same amount of messages, sometimes for days. I can't shift it or post while it it up there.

JennyPiccolo Fri 02-Nov-12 22:56:57

I have this too. They're not stickies, no.

UnnamedFemaleProtagonist Fri 02-Nov-12 23:13:15

Not stickies, no.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 02-Nov-12 23:27:53

Will work on.

Susieloo Fri 02-Nov-12 23:38:37

Mines the same, active conversations are old and no mn stuff and same re thread title, only way it goes away is if I turn the phone off, did the web chat happen with sandi toksvig?? Was that today?smile

UnnamedFemaleProtagonist Fri 02-Nov-12 23:50:50

It's doing my fucking head in now. Active is Not. Working.

lisaro Fri 02-Nov-12 23:53:51

Rep, me too, and halfway through writing a post it occasionally freezes and the cancel/send bar at the top disappears.

FannyFifer Fri 02-Nov-12 23:58:40

Same here, the one I keep seeing at top is about trousers with a side zip.

Also the first thread I look at, the title stays at the top no matter what other thread i look at.

UnnamedFemaleProtagonist Sat 03-Nov-12 00:12:47

Sort it. Bitches.

UnnamedFemaleProtagonist Sat 03-Nov-12 00:18:14

I have the 'side bitch zip' too. That is boring enough on a normal day. Sort it aaaaaahhht mn!

ipotty Sat 03-Nov-12 00:30:25

The top of my active threads is trousers with a side zip too!!! Maybe if I buy a pair it'll changesmile

Cheddars Sat 03-Nov-12 01:15:30

What's worse is that the op never came back to tell us whether she got her side zip trousers in the end. confused

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