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New discussion please..'green' issues

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babyonboard Mon 27-Mar-06 12:00:53

I think a lot of mumsnetters would love a new discussion topic on green and recycling etc issues...
pretty please can we have one..
and it'll be a good boost to mumsnet h.q's conscience too...
all interested please say 'aye!'
all not please yell 'rhubarb rhubarb'

Callisto Mon 27-Mar-06 12:06:29

Aye aye, captain and no rhubarb for me.

Callisto Mon 27-Mar-06 12:06:55

(that meant yes, btw)

workathomemother Mon 27-Mar-06 12:11:00

yes, yes, yes please

saves us money
gives kids something to do
creates enironmental awareness for all of us etc.

puddle Mon 27-Mar-06 12:17:54

Great idea

FrannyandZooey Mon 27-Mar-06 12:20:27

Ooh cod will be very pleased to see this...

it'll be another area of the board she can torment

I think it's a good idea.

HayleyOliversMum Mon 27-Mar-06 12:23:37

I am interested....and here is a question to start you off......currently using reusable nappies (much to the curiosity of most of my friends/family) and want to know whether by washing them at 60 degrees and also sometimes finishing off drying in the tumbler am I really doing the right thing?

HayleyOliversMum Mon 27-Mar-06 12:24:42

sorry - baby cried in his sleep and I didn't finish properly! .....doing the right thing for the disposables vs washing machine use?

Tatties Mon 27-Mar-06 12:55:03

Aye to a new green discussion topic!

HayleyOliversMum, if the nappies have just been weed on you can wash them at 40. Only finish them off in the dryer if you have to. Still much better than adding to landfill

Cappucino Mon 27-Mar-06 13:40:58

yes please a new board! thanks babyonboard for taking this one up for me!

HayleyOliversMum - you can wash at 40 no problem, if you're not getting the results you want, try a rinse and spin with some white vinegar before the main wash. And make sure the machine is as full as it can be. I have two nappy buckets so I wash nappies maybe once every three days; sometimes I do them at 60 to give them a blast but at least I know that it's better than doing half a load every day.

And did you know that adding a dry towel to the tumble dryer makes them dry much faster?

SoupDragon Mon 27-Mar-06 13:47:37

Personally I don't think there are enough separate issues to warrent a whole topic.

JackieNo Mon 27-Mar-06 13:52:28

If there's not enough for a whole topic on its own, could it be combined with a 'household queries' type topic?

Cappucino Mon 27-Mar-06 13:56:05

I can't see why not; as long as it doesn't get hijacked by a load of people like my mother advocating the use of bleach and scary things in spray bottles...

babyonboard Mon 27-Mar-06 14:23:18


theres plenty..
budget shopping and cooking
using leftovers/wasted storecupbord things
sourcing local produce
energy efficiency( and green-ness)
home grown (or indeed reared!)produce
eco friendly cleaning/laundry etc
a home for reusable nappy-ists that isn't lost on the potty training board
home made body and beauty products
enviromentally friendly d.iy and home improvements..

phew got to is crying
but i could go on...

babyonboard Mon 27-Mar-06 14:24:52

ooh but s.d

you could have at least yelled 'rhubarb rhubarb'
come'll make me really pleased..

Senoracod Mon 27-Mar-06 14:25:36

hmm itll eb a gripping topic then

PandaG Mon 27-Mar-06 14:26:54

I'll add my aye aye!

babyonboard Mon 27-Mar-06 14:27:29

you'll be sorry senorcod when you go to riverisland and they've run out of stock because their factory got swallowed into a landfill of dirty nappies

oh yes..mark my words....

SoupDragon Mon 27-Mar-06 14:27:32

Most of those things are covered by other topics though.

And I hate rhubarb. Even organically grown with homemade compost

babyonboard Mon 27-Mar-06 14:29:36

kind of covered..but a thrad just for that would be best..and maybe encourage people to start that havent before

quanglewangle Mon 27-Mar-06 14:35:24

Yes please.
And I think we do need a separate thread to pull all these issues together. They are often just looked at in isolation and yet they are inter-connected.
And they often do not get the disussion they warrant on other threads as it would mean a thread-hijack.

bubblerock Mon 27-Mar-06 14:40:32

They have stuff like this on moneysavingexpert - old style money saving.

Mercy Mon 27-Mar-06 14:46:27

Seems like a good idea. 'reuse, reduce, recycle'

I did have a book called 'Home Ecology' which had lots of ideas and info. Might be somewaht out date now but will have a look for it.

sharklet Mon 27-Mar-06 15:25:44

Count me in - yes please!

twocatsonthebed Mon 27-Mar-06 18:19:14

count me in too! aye!

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