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The MN demographic survey

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CelineMcBean Sun 07-Oct-12 13:57:12

Where can I find the results of the most recent survey about the MN demographic please? The one that tells us how many of us are graduates and the like?

I've had a quick search but can't for the life of me find it.

CelineMcBean Mon 08-Oct-12 09:35:09

I mean the official MN one please

CelineMcBean Mon 08-Oct-12 11:47:43

Surely somebody has the link on their spreadsheet? <<forlorn>>

OlaRapaceFru Mon 08-Oct-12 17:54:00

Are we all supposed to have filled in a MN questionnaire, otherwise how would MNHQ know?

<am now curious too>

OlaRapaceFru Mon 08-Oct-12 17:57:43

I mean, I'm curious as to how MNHQ would know ...

... as opposed to I'm curious about the MN demographic, IYSWIM

usualsuspect3 Mon 08-Oct-12 17:58:13

It's been a few years since they last did one, unless I've missed a more recent one. Not much help, sorry.

CelineMcBean Mon 08-Oct-12 18:53:30

Yes it was a survey we were asked to complete. About 2/3 years ago I think.

Thanks Usual, was beginning to think I must have imagined it!

OlaRapaceFru Mon 08-Oct-12 19:05:48

I do remember filling in some kind of survey, but it was a while back - and I can't remember all the questions. I think part of the problem with a forum like this, is that people join - and leave - all the time.

If we keep this thread going long enough, then surely a MNHQer will turn up sooner or later to answer your question. grin

ripsishere Tue 09-Oct-12 05:14:55

I imagine it was for marketing.

OlaRapaceFru Tue 09-Oct-12 07:35:36

Well, yes, obviously for marketing - but if the last one was done 2 or 3 years ago it would be a bit out of date. I imagine MNHQ have it in their Media Pack for potential advertisers, but I guess Celine means where is it on this web site for all of us to see?

ripsishere Tue 09-Oct-12 07:37:14


OlaRapaceFru Tue 09-Oct-12 07:47:19

Noooo - didn't mean to embarrass you, rips, I just meant that Celine's been searching for it, not that I didn't know what it was for. Now it's my turn to blush and blush

CelineMcBean Tue 09-Oct-12 09:26:06

Yes just wanted to have a quick look at it for an article thingy in writing (academic not journo). I'm sure there was a link in Site Stuff at the time but I just can't find it.

I thought it would be on the About Us page but no sad

OlaRapaceFru Tue 09-Oct-12 09:39:47

You could always email MNHQ, or just report this thread and ask them for some info?

CelineMcBean Tue 09-Oct-12 09:40:58

I did that. Radio silence. I must be on their shit list sad

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 09-Oct-12 13:44:04

Sorry Celine,

Not at all. We have been super duper busy the past few days, really sorry.

Ok, from what I gather, we had them published for a little while but as they are now dated, we have taken then down.

If you mail the lovely Ann (ann @ she will be able to send you a media pack with some stats in it.

Hope that helps.

CelineMcBean Tue 09-Oct-12 14:07:29

That's great thank you Rebecca smile

OlaRapaceFru Tue 09-Oct-12 18:30:28

smile = nice, happy smile

Trill Sat 27-Apr-13 22:59:17

Would it not be acceptable to have the results online and say "correct as of October 2011, for users who chose to participate"?

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