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WHENNNNNNNNN will the new iphone app be released?

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terrywoganstrousers Wed 19-Sep-12 12:18:35

Please will you give us a date, MNHQ, you keep teasing us. It's all 'soon' here and 'any day now' there but I WANT TO KNOW WHEN


Tee2072 Wed 19-Sep-12 12:19:47

Last mention, it was with Apple. So they may not know.

Especially with the new iOS to be released any day.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 19-Sep-12 17:23:11

Yep, still with Apple, we're afraid <drums fingers>

terrywoganstrousers Wed 19-Sep-12 17:45:32


EmpressOfTheGoldOceans Wed 19-Sep-12 17:49:57

New iphone app.

New iphone app.

NEW IPHONE APP? When we haven't even had the first Android app yet?

NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tee2072 Thu 20-Sep-12 08:32:20

Should have drunk the Macintosh flavoured cool-aid, Empress.



I beta tested the Android app. You really really don't want it. grin

::not a stealth boast that I have both. An actual out loud boast that I have both::

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 20-Sep-12 10:20:16


New iphone app.

New iphone app.

NEW IPHONE APP? When we haven't even had the first Android app yet?

NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Android app in pipeline, Empress. Honest.

EmpressOfTheGoldOceans Fri 21-Sep-12 01:36:02

Oh good thank you. RowanMumsnet says next year?
<peers down pipe>

EmpressOfTheGoldOceans Fri 21-Sep-12 01:36:40

Tee. You beta-tested it? Do I seriously not want it? What was it like?

I updated my phone today with ios 6 if thats what you're on about, its out.

Click settings, go to general/software update, and it should be there. Plug the phone into a power source while updating, and it takes a little while so do it at a quiet time lol

terrywoganstrousers Fri 21-Sep-12 04:27:37

I meant the new mumsnet app, I've already got iOS 6 smile

TheOneAndOnlyMaryZed Fri 21-Sep-12 15:55:09

Do you know, I might actually have a smart phone/i-phone by the time one of these aps appears and works properly and I'm a really old gimmer who is veeeeeeeeeeeeery slow to embrace change.

Ahhhhh i see well won't it just 'update' when ready? What improvements are going to be made do you know?

Tee2072 Fri 21-Sep-12 17:02:10

Yes, I beta tested.

It's okay. I think, just like with the iPhone app, there are a lot of things that are available on site that could be available on an app and aren't. Like colouring your own posts/OP's posts and things. It is, actually, better than the iPhone app for a lots of things.

I beta tested the new iPhone App as well. It's also just okay.

Sorry HQ, but you already knew I felt this way! Well, Darren knows. ::bats eyelashes at Darren::

LOL well as far as honest reviews go that one works for me, i have the app, dont use it much and never used it to post, i prefer the PC layout smile

MrsAFlowerpot Sat 22-Sep-12 09:35:26

Android android. I regularly just check if it's available - even though I know it's not! PLEASE can we have it soon?

EmpressOfTheGoldOceans Sat 22-Sep-12 10:16:50

Rowan said it won't be this year.

Thanks Tee. So the mobile site's just as good?

Tee2072 Sat 22-Sep-12 15:24:21

I think it is much easier to move between the Mobile Site and the Desktop Site than it is to move between the App (either App) and the Desktop/Mobile Site.

I just find the Apps so different from the Sites.

I actually think the Mobile Site is fantastic as it is just a trimmed down Desktop Site.

The App(s) are like their own creatures. grin

EmpressOfTheGoldOceans Sat 22-Sep-12 20:16:47

Ok. Thanks Tee.

Oh and there's a piece of State's Victoria sponge in the Puddle with your name on it grin

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 22-Sep-12 20:19:00

Did someone mention cake? <proffers plate>

EmpressOfTheGoldOceans Sat 22-Sep-12 22:53:50

Come and snuggle with us in the Puddle, Helen.

We have State's gorgeous beaded cushions and luffly warm chenille covers, and we're drinking hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows on the fire.

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