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Much happier now with ACHICA

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phoebus Mon 28-May-12 13:07:24

Just to announce that all the issues I had with ACHICA have now been resolved. smile My most recent order arrived today with no problems, two days early, even, and at a good price.

I was quick to complain about them when things went so wrong; but now that all has gone well, also want to be quick to set the record straight re: my own experience. (Am only starting a new thread so that the previous bad publicity they got - through my previous title - can now be offset by this improvement - as we're all glad of a 2nd chance, aren't we....and I have no longer any outstanding issues with this company).

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 28-May-12 14:07:00

Yay! So pleased to hear this, phoebus.

Rachelite Tue 02-Oct-12 14:56:38

Hi, I am getting a really bad feeling about Achica. I ordered a bookcase and checked at the time that they would give me plenty of notice before it's delivered. I get an email today telling me it's arriving tomorrow! As I work nearly 70 miles away I can't just get a day off at such short notice. I am told by the delivery company there's nothing they can do, I have to speak to Achica - I have searched for a telephone number for them but no success. Why would a company not provide a telephone number - it reminds me of the awful experience that I had with trying to return items....nightmare that was!

I have emailed Achica's support line and got an automated response to say they are really busy and expect a reply within 2 days - not great for a delivery tomorrow that I can't receive! Saying their support line is really busy does not give me confidence either.

Come on Achica, pull your socks up - service is everything if you want to build your brand and compete with the likes of John Lewis. Tesco and Argos give better customer service than you are currently providing. How Achica deals with this will determine if I ever use them again and the feedback that I give to family and friends. Brands thrive and dive through customer service. Make yours quality.

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