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Demented Mon 01-Dec-03 16:19:46

I don't know if anyone has been near the Noticeboard recently but there are a number of messages from people looking for all sorts of advice, for example what colour to paint your walls it you have a brown sofa etc. Does anyone know if these people have been contacted and directed towards talk. I just don't want them thinking we are all very unhelpful.

codswallop Tue 02-Dec-03 12:46:50

I posted about that too - we need to redirect them somehow

Carriel Tue 02-Dec-03 13:00:50

Hi there

thanks, as ever for your vigilance!
We had a chat about this this morning and wondered if anyone fancied volunteering to be a noticeboard mdoerator? All it would involve is: 1. checking the noticeboard on a regular basis (ideally daily, but if not two or three times a week)
2. emailing anyone they think might be better served by Talk
3. Letting us know if anyone is abusing the service and should have their notice deleted.

If anyone fancies volunteering please let us know.


Carrie, Justine and Rachel

JanHR Tue 02-Dec-03 13:18:59

i will volunteer for that.
I use mumsnet every day so it would not be a problem.
Mumsnet home page is set to be the first page up when I log on to the new anyway.

justiner Tue 02-Dec-03 20:22:51

Thanks so much JanHR
Give us a shout if you're not sure on anything - otherwise it's all yours!

Lou33 Tue 02-Dec-03 21:05:01

Now you have to send in a picture to put on the mods page Jan .

Carriel Wed 03-Dec-03 21:53:15

Hi Jan

Yep please send me a short biog and pic if you have one (see moderators page for an idea) and we'll get you on the moderators hall of fame! You can start moderating as soon as you like!

JanHR Thu 04-Dec-03 00:12:08

Hi Carrie,

I have emailed you details for the moderators page.

Ihave redirected 4 or 5 prople to the talk area already and will check the noticeboard each time I log in.

JanHR Thu 04-Dec-03 19:50:20

My detals are now on the moderators page for you all to have a laugh at.

popsycal Thu 04-Dec-03 19:53:51

we aren't laughing!!!
it;s cool

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