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Long running sticky thread request

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SlightlyJaded Wed 14-Mar-12 10:34:31


I started a thread (randomly) in relationships, because I am hopeful that there is a way for MNers in need to get some RL support from other MNers.

Is this something MNHQ could help with or support in any way?


BIWI Thu 29-Mar-12 08:19:15

While you're at it, Helen, do you think you could Rebuff my Creaky Old Bits?

SlightlyJaded Thu 29-Mar-12 10:22:55

Helen, thanks for the update.

I know you have loads of cake to eat important stuff to get through, so understand it can't be instant.

If you decide, for whatever reason, that this isn't something you can do now, please let me know and I'll do my best to maintain a running thread for the time being.

Thanks again smile

tallwivglasses Sat 31-Mar-12 23:22:45

I've been on a thread tonight where at least three women could do with a bit of r/l cake and hand-holding, I reckon. That's why I came over here to check out progress. Nice to know you're up for keeping the thread going until hq have buffed, polished and generally fly-ladied the forum SlightlyJaded.

I'm in the North East btw x

comewwhinewithme Tue 03-Apr-12 07:50:46

I really need a friend even just a telephone one sad.

strawberrypenguin Tue 03-Apr-12 07:54:02

Hi comewwhine where abouts are you? I'm Winchester way. Even if your not close feel free to pm me

comewwhinewithme Tue 03-Apr-12 08:05:09

I'm in sheffield. Thankyou

Jinsei Tue 03-Apr-12 08:07:16

Comewwhine, I am about an hour from Sheffield by train, maybe less. I could use a friend too. PM me if you like.

comewwhinewithme Tue 03-Apr-12 08:15:34

I'm not sure how to pm on the phone I can't see the link.
I know I can get pms and reply so if you could send me one I will reply smile.
Thankyou x

Jinsei Tue 03-Apr-12 08:52:35

Have PM'd you. smile

mrspink27 Tue 03-Apr-12 09:00:00

Count me in to. I am in Mid Sussex.

SlightlyJaded Wed 04-Apr-12 14:06:22

You see HelenMumsnet, lots of people would really benefit <winning smile>

And whilst we wait for the powers that be to finish their cake decide whether this is something that MN can endorse/support, can you suggest where the best place for me to place a temporary 'Friendship Bench' might be?

I wondered about OTBT but not sure if that will be found by those who really need it?

ParsleyTheLioness Sun 15-Apr-12 06:14:52

Hi! Seems like MN are dragging their feet over a decision on the Friendship thing, or have they said something yet? <nosey emoticon>

SlightlyJaded Wed 18-Apr-12 10:42:54


Any thoughts yet MN?

And if not, any suggestions for where I can start a 'DIY' version?


SlightlySeethrough Sun 28-Oct-12 23:36:13


I am bumping this as we now have our shiny new Local boards including friendship benches

Thank you MNHQ

I think I have PM'd everyone on this thread now, but just in case I missed anyone, I just wanted to ask that if you supported the idea, can you go and 'sit' on your bench so that we can begin to direct people to somewhere of real value. And please do tell other posters about it and hopefully we can start to build them into genuine offers of RL support/friendship/--wine--/coffee

Thank you all again for supporting the idea
Gin all round x

SlightlySeethrough Sun 28-Oct-12 23:42:12

Oh poo

MNHQ I have just nagged everyone to go and sit on their bench, but when I went to check my local area (sat on my bench days ago) my 'listing' had gone and I can't seem to add a new one confused


HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Oct-12 11:55:09

Oh dear. We'll flag that one up to Emma, who's in charge of Local. Thanks for letting us know.

SlightlySeethrough Mon 29-Oct-12 11:59:23

Thanks Helen

oreocrumbs Mon 29-Oct-12 19:18:38

I can't even get on my bench sad.

Have been onto local, got a shiney new local name and when I click add listing nothing happens.

Have tried it a few times. I'm hoping MNHQ can check my local (Durham), or point me in the right direction if I'm being a bit dim!

SlightlySeethrough Tue 30-Oct-12 10:42:00

same oreo it's a PITA

oreocrumbs Tue 30-Oct-12 11:35:01

I reported my post and they said they are looking into it, so I guess we just have to be patient!

SlightlyJaded Wed 14-Nov-12 14:43:18


The Friendship Benches are now apparently working. I have managed to post on mine. Thank you again MNHQ

But mostly, thank you, thank you to all the lovely MNers who posted in this and relationship thread and responded to my endless PM's about it. I know loads of you couldn't post when I first nagged asked you, but if you wouldn't mind trying again.... Pretty please.

Just one person getting RL help could change a life. It really could

Thanks muchly

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