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Long running sticky thread request

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SlightlyJaded Wed 14-Mar-12 10:34:31


I started a thread (randomly) in relationships, because I am hopeful that there is a way for MNers in need to get some RL support from other MNers.

Is this something MNHQ could help with or support in any way?


CheshireDing Wed 14-Mar-12 20:16:06

add me!

smartiesrule Wed 14-Mar-12 20:17:30

Me too, please

glenthebattleostrich Wed 14-Mar-12 20:21:07

Fantastic idea, count me in.

Hippomaniac Wed 14-Mar-12 20:22:49

Great idea

SlightlyJaded Wed 14-Mar-12 20:23:46

thank you all - I knew MNers were lovely vipers

Please mention the idea to anyone else on MN you think might support the idea and send them over here.

<knows nobody on MN, is a member of approximately zero quiches and has never even had a PM until today emoticon>

StickAForkInMeImDone Wed 14-Mar-12 20:24:23

Brilliant idea.
SlightlyJaded what a lovely thought. thanks wine for you

Ultrasonic Wed 14-Mar-12 20:27:18

Yup, lovely idea
Big yes from me too

TheLaminator Wed 14-Mar-12 20:29:30

great idea on so many levels. I feel fairly isolated sometimes, would be happy to help out someone feeling the same.
count me in

FlightlessBird Wed 14-Mar-12 20:38:12

Good idea!

BigHairyLeggedSpider Wed 14-Mar-12 20:39:50

I am happy to join in. Count me in Mumsnet.

MissLofPubia Wed 14-Mar-12 20:43:17

I'm in! (Especially if we can somehow involve wine)

whyme2 Wed 14-Mar-12 20:46:13

Hi, just adding my support from the original thread.

travellingwilbury Wed 14-Mar-12 20:51:23

I think it's a lovely idea , and I know this may sound a bit paranoid but I am rubbish at spotting trolls and I have been bitten before , so I think for me anyway it would have to be someone who has been round for a couple of months or so .

youarekidding Wed 14-Mar-12 20:56:26

Absolutley brilliant idea.

One of my closest friends I met through MN local - we had some meet ups and now chat regulary my phone/ text. (and I NC'd!)

I also chatted to another local MN who was moving to my area (she now has) and our DS' are in the same class at school and we are going to meet up with them during the holidays.

HepHep Wed 14-Mar-12 21:03:41

I think this is a great idea. I'm in. smile

Tee2072 Wed 14-Mar-12 21:05:18

Not to be a naysayer, because it is a brilliant idea, but isn't this why we have MN Local?

Wouldn't it be better to promote those boards (which HQ want to do anyway) than start a thread of MNetters all over the UK? The coordination effort is built right in.

DangerousMouse Wed 14-Mar-12 21:08:20

I'm in

AnyFucker Wed 14-Mar-12 21:17:58


SlightlyJaded Wed 14-Mar-12 21:20:27

tee - it could end up being a local board thing, but in my experience (my local board for example) boards can be a bit quichey, meets tend to be 'jolly meet ups en masse' with it taking ages to agree a date, and whilst I think the local boards/meets are probably lovely, the emphasis is definitely on 'fun' rather than 'support'.

I think they are currently a bit intimidating for someone who has lost confidence and who is after a low key (initially at least) chat.

Also, I don't think people browse their local boards very much - and you would only ever come across someone in your immediate local area - whereas if the board was more broad (geographically) you might spot someone who is close to you or maybe where you work/have family etc, meaning that you might still be able to arrange something.

I might be wrong, or there might be something MNHQ could add to local boards, but I also think it would be easier to direct people or link to one ongoing thread that served just this purpose.

Obviously if it was popular, then it might have to become regionalised to make it easier to navigate, but in the first instance, I can't help thinking it should be a stand alone thread.

But that's just my view. Happy to be corrected smile

Oh and thanks for adding your name tee!

Tee2072 Wed 14-Mar-12 21:28:48

I'm deffo in and your explanation makes a lot of sense!

ParsleyTheLioness Wed 14-Mar-12 21:32:25

Think I agree with you Jaded.. local board, certainly my local one, do/does not get much traffic, so I tend not to check it very often, and I do not think of it as support offered/needed. Jolly meets seem to be more the thing.
If one is desperate, maybe also it wouldn't enter your 'radar' so would be an opportunity missed.

TheUnsinkableTitanic Wed 14-Mar-12 21:34:09

great idea

IneedAbetterNicknameIn2012 Wed 14-Mar-12 21:38:10

Fab idea smile

MadameMessy Wed 14-Mar-12 21:42:58

great idea, I'm in irelandsmile

iCANdothisiCAN Wed 14-Mar-12 21:46:25

Fab idea, I am very lucky to have some fantastic friend but all are childless and have busy work/social lives.

So whilst I may not seem lonely I don't have any close friends with children and don't know any lone parents at all. So no one at all to talk to who remotely understands.

MN has been the only thing that has kept me sane so being able to thank someone in person and also maybe help another in my shoes would be lovely.

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