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Tell us what you would like to see on Mumsnet Co-Buying

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 27-Feb-12 17:20:04

Mumsnet Co-Buying has launched this week. It works as follows: say lots of Mumsnetters want the same product - could be chocolate or cosmetics, could be gadgets or sports gear - then with Mumsnet Co-Buying the more of you who buy it, the cheaper the price becomes. In partnership with BuyaPowa, we'll feature different products each week. There will be a limited number of each product and each offer will last for a limited amount of time. For more information click here.
So we'd like to know what you'd like to see featured on Mumsnet Co-Buying.
Tell us here and we'll do our best to get the products you want.

LemonDifficult Wed 07-Mar-12 16:22:46

Thanks. I'm OK with the links off this thread.

I just can't see them anywhere else on the site. There's not one on Style and Beauty or on Money.

RatDesPaquerettes Wed 07-Mar-12 17:08:27

I must confess I would have expected some obvious advertising on the main MN page or on the Active page...

QED Thu 08-Mar-12 07:41:12

Did anyone else pay by paypal? Was checking my payment history and it looks like I've been charged £3 twice - once says authorisation and once payment, both reducing paypal balance by £3. There's also a hold for £3 that didn't have any effect on my balance. Will check more thoroughly later but wanted to see if anyone else paid by paypal and what their transactions show. If I have been charged twice would obviously not be happy but hoping I have just got a bit puzzled.

whomovedmychocolate Thu 08-Mar-12 07:44:19

This will end in tears mark my words <sage>

biscuit <duchy original>

NessaRose Thu 08-Mar-12 10:45:02

How long does it take to deliver the chocolate? Been waiting bloody ages.

KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 08-Mar-12 14:24:19

QED - We just checked this out for you and Buyapowa say the following "When the customer joins the co-buy, their card/paypal is authorised at the price they joined at. No money is taken at this point – the amount is simply ‘reserved’. When the co-buy finishes, payment is taken at the final price (which could be different to the authorised price)." If this isn't what has happened please let us know and we'll get it looked into.

NessaRose - The chocolate, we've been told, is being dispatched today and tomorrow in first class post and will be with you either at the weekend or early next week depending on how fast the post is.

KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 09-Mar-12 09:22:47

LemonDifficult and RatDesPaquerettes - we are working on making it more visible across the site - we'll get banners up and it linked from the navigation asap

LemonDifficult - we've also asked about the "I'm in if it's x price" and Buyapowa say the following
"We found that if you give the choice of only opting in when the co-buy hit best price, most would always select this option. The problem with this then comes if you don't get enough customers to hit the best price - no one gets their product. We also found that it could be quite confusing, in that people would enter their credit card details but then weren't sure whether they were going to get the product or not. As it stands today, if you enter the co-buy you are guaranteed to get it. The price you pay can obviously decrease. We ensure that the opening price always represents a discount from RRP, so that shoppers always get a deal even if they are the only person in a co-buy."

Thank you all for your feedback

QED Fri 09-Mar-12 09:31:33

Thank you - have looked more closely at my paypal history now and can see the payment going out and being reversed and then taken when the deal finished. I think I may have got a bit confused blush but thank you for checking for me smile.

Am looking forward to my chocolate smile

LemonDifficult Fri 09-Mar-12 10:06:21


Ymmmmm. Chocolate. It is just 40% of the Recommended Retail Calories, right?

NessaRose Fri 09-Mar-12 19:32:17

Thanks Katie.
Lemon I hope so.

Mibby Sat 10-Mar-12 11:00:38

Chocolate just arrived smile

Kewcumber Sat 10-Mar-12 12:21:48


Where's my chocolate. I NEED CHOCOLATE NOW envy

DottyDot Sat 10-Mar-12 14:04:59

Mine arrived today too - yours will be with you soon Kew...! grin

QED Sat 10-Mar-12 19:44:23

Mine came today smile

Eliza22 Sun 11-Mar-12 12:17:10

Can we have a Benefit Posie Tint co-buy? I love it.....but it's too expensive!

RatDesPaquerettes Tue 13-Mar-12 19:21:06

Quick question: if you take part in a co-buy, can you buy multiple items?

For example, can I buy 2 (or more) ghd Gold Classic Stylers or am I restricted to one only under my username?

Ineedacleaneriamalazyslattern Tue 13-Mar-12 19:47:16

Sorry am I being thick but how can they say nobody would get their item if they had a I'll pay if it reaches £x?
Because surely if 50 people say yep I'll take it at £1 squillion (the starting price) then 50 people say I'll only take it if it goes to £50 (the lowest price) then only the 50 people not willing to take it at full price wouldn't get it if not enough people signed up? confused
For that reason I'm not sure I'd jump at using it. I'd love the ghd's but don't have £119 if the offer doesn't go all the way but could possibly stretch to £70.

RatDesPaquerettes Sun 18-Mar-12 18:01:42

I assume that the distance selling regulations apply when buying through BuyaPowa, so customers would have a cooling off period of 7 days after receiving the goods.

What happens if the maximum number of people (say 50) have ordered the item and the lowest price has been reached, but 40 then subsequently return the item? Would this have an impact at all on the other 10 customers and the price being charged to them?

My previous question still stands: can you buy multiple items in one co-buy?

<would be grateful to receive any clarifications on these two points>

KenDoddsDadsDog Wed 04-Apr-12 21:36:32


feadie1 Tue 12-Jun-12 16:13:39

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser spf 20 - colour nude
Everyone i know who uses it loves it and its really good stuff
Should be well popular

oneortwoorthree Wed 02-Jan-13 18:34:55

I'd be really interested in a co-buy for an ergo baby carrier - any chance??!

Thanks in advance!

sallymarisa Tue 08-Jan-13 19:00:32

hi there i cannot buy any of the roc on the co buy. why is this. ?
i have logged in. i have clicked on all availabe icons. nothing doing.
as the roc advert dissapears each and every time. only lasts half a second at most.

thank you. Sally

Rooneyisalwaysmoaning Wed 13-Feb-13 10:48:50

Just a note about the pull along pig toy featured this week.
I bought the cat version the other week, and was pretty disappointed - the wheels kept falling off as the velcro straps holding them n are really feeble - and the plastic toggle joining the rope to the toy was also very weak and came undone by itself.
So just something to be aware of - hopefully mine was a glitch, and they are mostly fine, but I sent it back. The soft toy itself was very sweet but don't expect it necessarily to work as a pull along.

JamesTobysMum Fri 29-Mar-13 10:46:37

Maths Whizz the online maths site or maths factor for my older boy would be good

cumfy Sat 30-Mar-13 02:32:09

Gas and Electricity



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