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Tech - where are you???

(18 Posts)
dejags Fri 14-Nov-03 10:36:21

Dear Tech

I sent you an email yesterday about removing some messages/threads from chat boards. This is really urgent. Please respond asap.

Thanks so much

M2T Fri 14-Nov-03 10:58:08

What? Why????

kayleigh Fri 14-Nov-03 10:59:06

nosey M2T
although the question had definitely crossed my mind too. I was just too polite to ask !

M2T Fri 14-Nov-03 11:09:40

Even did a search on 'Dejags' and didn't find anything suspect....

Curiouser and curiouser...

codswallop Fri 14-Nov-03 11:16:43

(admits guiltily - so did I)

Northerner Fri 14-Nov-03 11:19:02

Me too

M2T Fri 14-Nov-03 11:19:41

Why 'guiltily'??
It's on the world wide web!!

dejags Fri 14-Nov-03 11:30:30


There is nothing untoward, I just feel that I have divulged some painful things on this site which should stay within my family re. my mother-in-law's illness.

Nothing more interesting than that I am afraid

M2T Fri 14-Nov-03 11:33:36

Oh dear dejags.
Did you email

Or perhaps

SoupDragon Fri 14-Nov-03 12:54:53

Email - I think you get a swifter response.

tech (MNHQ) Tue 18-Nov-03 22:28:41

Hello, I'm here. It's always best to mail rather than as more people can see the message. If it's something like deleting a message, Justine Carrie and Rachel can do that as easily as I can so you're likely to get a faster response.

tech (MNHQ) Tue 18-Nov-03 22:54:08

By the by, the time just went a bit mad as we restarted the server. It's correct now....

dinosaur Tue 18-Nov-03 22:55:31

Does anyone know tomboy? Is he/she a troll?

anais Tue 18-Nov-03 23:29:42

whos tomboy dino?

dinosaur Tue 18-Nov-03 23:31:08

see other threads going on at the moment

tomboy Tue 18-Nov-03 23:35:46

Don't worry dino - I have to go anyway, my dear H is waking.

anais Tue 18-Nov-03 23:38:23

hmmm, just did...

anais Tue 18-Nov-03 23:39:12

Just tryin 2 get a reaction i think, sad really.

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