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can all my posts be deleted and my account?...

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violet79 Sun 13-Nov-11 01:59:46

Ive tried posting nicely on this site 3 or 4 times now and ive just been called a liar or a troll and actual curses, ive been nothing but nice to ppl and never given anyone reason to think im lying or a beeeyatch...nothing i write is ever good enough...
there are a few ppl on here who are genuinly good and want to help out and i thank them ppl greatly.
i just posted my new thread edited so that noone could accuse my case of being "so outrageous" that i must be a lying cow but a quick scour of the net has confirmed my fears , that this is a bully-boy site.
I am appalled to say that the moderators here ...dont , i found personal attacks rife and even when i reported them i was told they would stay...and then on ONE occasion i say "OH COME ON"! when i was thrown abuse ...and I was warned...and THEN my whole thread was deleted when it had crucial advice i was relying on for tommorrow written on it my those few helpful members. all that effort and their effort i wanted to utilise just gone to pot because the moderators would rather delete my thread and the advice i recieved than remove bullies from thier site and thier threads...
so please remove me and all i have wrote...
i am better than this place.

LeBOF Sun 13-Nov-11 02:05:30

Sorry love, I know you've had a hard time. Good luck with everything- just go to this page and follow the instructions if you want to de-register.

KatharineClifton Sun 13-Nov-11 02:09:33

Looks like you have mostly posted in AIBU. That section is for flaming. I have that section blocked as it's so vile so haven't seen any of your posts.

Why not post on 'Chat' or other sections of MN?

Your posts won't disappear when you deactivate your account. You would have to go into each and every one of them and press 'report' and ask for them to be deleted.

violet79 Sun 13-Nov-11 02:17:16

what is AIBU? i emailed the site and asked if this was standard etticate first time round when i posted in unreasonable behaviour 9simply cos it was the top of the list and covered all bases) the email i got back said to try other topics...i tried primary schools and it was even worse sad
ive tried deactivating the abuse ive recieved but mumsnet says that they dont mind ive been 'spoken too' like that and it will remain :S

KatharineClifton Sun 13-Nov-11 02:18:24

AIBU is the section of Mumsnet where you have mainly posted.

KickArseQueen Sun 13-Nov-11 02:23:19

Violet79, If you want to leave then you can at any time. If you want all your posts deleted then you need to contact MNHQ the easiest way for you to do this is probably report yourself and ask to be wiped from history / all threads to be removed.

I don't know how long you have been here, I can tell you are still getting to know the ropes. My suggestion to anyone going onto any chat site is to lurk for a while. People who don't, have a tendency to put their foot in it, offend people unintentionally and then start shouting that its a nest of vipers when people respond badly.

I've looked through some of your recent threads and from what I can see of what is left of them you are antagonistic even if you don't realise it. It takes 2 to have a bunfight even if only a few cakes are thrown! If you stick around you could learn an awful lot about this site and about yourself. If not, good luck with the headteacher.

For your last line I'm giving you my 1st ever thanks excellent flounce!!!!

mjinprechristmasfrenzy Sun 13-Nov-11 02:24:57

Message withdrawn

violet79 Sun 13-Nov-11 02:32:10

how on earth is defending yourself against nasty name calling antagonistic?
If this forum dosent like new members it shouldnt accept them! i haven said anything rude, or nasty. i have been polite. I read the rules and stuck by them where older members havent...
and yuo havent even seen the worst cos its been deleted ...along with all my genuine advice i was actually relying on! and even an offer from a member to email her direct for info and now i have no idea who that member was as i only said i would do so this weekend and intended to find out her post today! ...this is appalling! like ganglands...
how can these ppl possibly support motherhood, parenthood, or feminism...I AM A WOMAN AND A MOTHER AND A PARENT! , so bully me gwan! ...but like a TRUE feminist and mother i will say its crass and yet again ask that EVERYTHING is deleted and hope that a moderator comes along soonish and addresses this do i find anything that isnt AIBU? is it stuff that isnt posted in unreasonable behaviour? cos i have already used thatr ...and thats where i got so much abuse it was deleted !

KatharineClifton Sun 13-Nov-11 02:34:46

Have you seen the index of sections on here?

mjinprechristmasfrenzy Sun 13-Nov-11 02:35:50

Message withdrawn

KickArseQueen Sun 13-Nov-11 02:40:41

I think you need to backtrack further.
A) do you know what a troll is?
B) A moderator is v unlikely to come along, you need to click on the helpful link above and sort it out for yourself.
C) Click on "active" above on the left and you will see chat is divided into sections, stay away from AIBU, you were asking people to be antagonistic towards you by posting there. The same post in chat would have received a v different response.

Please answer A.....

violet79 Sun 13-Nov-11 02:43:53

christmasfrenzy...ive actually had no problems posting in the feminism section...

noone has actually described what AIBU means yet !
(is it a secret) ...(like the rules)

just because i am free at irregular hours does not mean that i am spoilt, drunk or a child or expecting a moderator to jump on this thread...i am simply free to post right now...are you spoilt , drunk or a child...after all you are indeed free to post and for much much less of a reason than me...i was actually starting to write up my list for school on monday as advised by the better half of this site and felt infuriated my advice is actually now missing...again ...whats your excuse???

KatharineClifton Sun 13-Nov-11 02:45:49

Am I Being Unreasonable.

I'm Drunk. It is rare and very enjoyable grin

violet79 Sun 13-Nov-11 02:46:22 would seem that there is always a moderator ready to jump pn things from MY experience ..if i am wrong i am wrong i can only go by my experience.

violet79 Sun 13-Nov-11 02:50:35

kickarsequeen of course i know what a troll you insisted i answer...why ould you thin ki i wait ..dont answer that. on here everything is a can of worms

violet79 Sun 13-Nov-11 02:53:53

clicked on active in the top left and still nothing is clear or apparent in chat or AIBU i dont even know what it stands for...and not sure i care...
i didnt ask anyone to be antagonistic towards me...
i cant find a difference between where ive posted and this new place :S

KickArseQueen Sun 13-Nov-11 02:54:19

Nope sorry you are wrong! Particularly about MNHQ and if theres anyone there right now. You posted in a section asking people to tell you in the strongest terms possible if they think you are being the teenyist bit unreasonable. #Law of averages says some will, if you then argue with them that you are not being unreasonable they will argue with you. Its their opinion. If you drip feed information then it appears to a total stranger that you are trolling. You posted in AIBU when you didn't even know what it meant.

You have commited the MN version of jumping into a car and driving it whilst not knowing which side of the rd to use or what the signs mean!

also.. What did you say that caused people to call you names? I've rarely been called anything. Is this a problem you have in RL too? making friends / talking to people? because on here people can say what they think more freely in AIBU its considered expected! In RL people just avoid.

Most of your posts seem angry and I can understand because from your point of view you have been "terribly treated" but you don't realise / accept that you have caused some of this.

So tell me. What is a troll?

MrsWembley Sun 13-Nov-11 02:54:30

Most people on here at this time of night are awake because of their DCs.


I wish I was drunk.envy

I read your thread in Primary Ed and I thought you were given some excellent advice. I've a feeling it's not the same as the advice you thought was excellent...

KickArseQueen Sun 13-Nov-11 02:56:13

AIBU = Am I Being Unreasonable?

Katharine stated above

I don't do can's of worms....

KickArseQueen Sun 13-Nov-11 02:57:19

Mrswembley, one day you will get drunk wink it will come eventually

mjinprechristmasfrenzy Sun 13-Nov-11 02:57:34

Message withdrawn

LoveBeingAFirework Sun 13-Nov-11 03:01:39

KatharineClifton Sun 13-Nov-11 02:45:49
Am I Being Unreasonable.

AIBU is Am I Being Unreasonable.

It means this is what I thought/did/happened am I right or wrong? There are loads of topics to choose from am off to look at you posts to see what I think.

Btw the site is self moderated. You can report your own post for quicker attention. They might not delete all your posts but you have already been pointed in the direction of deactivating your ac.

LoveBeingAFirework Sun 13-Nov-11 03:03:15

MrsWembley ditto grin

KatharineClifton Sun 13-Nov-11 03:03:48

'Mrswembley, one day you will get drunk'

Oh yes. When your kids are pre-teens, and then teens I imagine.

KickArseQueen Sun 13-Nov-11 03:03:54

Opinions changed against their will remain of their opinion still.

People who post in AIBU post there because they have an inkling they may be wrong in their opinion..... or are convinced that are 100 and 10 percent that they are right, but someone disagrees. or they think someone else is radically right or wrong and they want blunt, bulk answers there and then!

You went for answers in the wrong place, you weren't going to get the "right" answers for you. MN is divided into topics, look at them, even this post isn't in quite the right place - there is always flouncers corner you know!

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