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some daffodils for excited Welsh mumsnetters

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hobnobsaremyfave Wed 12-Oct-11 16:47:35

Pretty please MNHQ can we have the daffs back just for the rugby this weekend .
Pretty please

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 12-Oct-11 19:51:01


We have asked Tech and will try to report back tomorrow.



hobnobsaremyfave Wed 12-Oct-11 21:37:33

Diolch xxx

BestisWest Thu 13-Oct-11 20:04:35

Well? (Stamps foot, sings National anthem)

LunaticFringe Thu 13-Oct-11 20:12:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kewcumber Thu 13-Oct-11 20:14:37

we have a tiny welsh contingent in SW london watching the game - yay!

Kewcumber Thu 13-Oct-11 20:15:23

didn't they do one on St Davids day - surely they could resurrect that? Now a red dragon would be a real challenge.

BloodandScumatron Thu 13-Oct-11 20:36:06

Wwwhhhyyyy wwwhhhhyyy wwhhhhhyyyy DELILAH!....

Pretty please tech <fluttery eyelashes>

BelleEnd Thu 13-Oct-11 20:38:31

Mae heeeeen wlaaaaad fy nhaaadau yn aaaaaannwyl i miiiiiii.... grin
Brilliant idea OP. Come on, lads!

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 13-Oct-11 20:40:25

Born in Wales but havent ever lived there so am a bit of a TokenTaff

Cheeptrickortreat Thu 13-Oct-11 20:44:41

Good idea OP

Please can we have them?

Come on Wales grin

BestisWest Thu 13-Oct-11 21:35:54

And we were siiiiiinging....


BestisWest Thu 13-Oct-11 21:38:55

BloodandScumatron I misread your name as BloodandSCRUMatron and thought 'Ooh a Rugby World Cup name change, what a good idea"

Blueberties Thu 13-Oct-11 21:39:57

Cymru am byth!

Blueberties Thu 13-Oct-11 21:40:44

I hear the Millenium Stadium has got 60 thousand turning up to watch it on screens!

Doilooklikeatourist Thu 13-Oct-11 21:42:32

I'm English , but I live in Wales .
Daffodil please.....
C'mon Wales !

madwomanintheattic Thu 13-Oct-11 22:01:56

see, bestis, i read it as as bloodandscrotum. blush

if they get daffs, i need a maple leaf (where's annie?) and we need red roses and white roses too...

<okay, okay, just leaving....>

BloodandSCRUMatron Thu 13-Oct-11 22:06:23

what was that best is west? grin

madwoman dont think this hallowe'en namechange is working out too well if thats what it looks like confused

LunaticFringe Thu 13-Oct-11 22:19:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lostindai Thu 13-Oct-11 22:25:56

Name change for the weekend.

<Bellows> Hymns and arias, Land of my Fathers, Ar Hyd y Nos.

BloodandSCRUMatron Thu 13-Oct-11 22:26:07

<takes a bow> thank you very much grin

happywheezer Thu 13-Oct-11 22:26:46

Could we have a mini name change comp? I live in England now but am Welsh. Go to all 6 nations games because FIL has a debenture!

BelleEnd Fri 14-Oct-11 07:14:59

Oooooh think of one for me! I am rubbish at namechanges!

hobnobsaremyfave Fri 14-Oct-11 13:08:50

Right Mr Tech the gloves are off. I have begged nay pleaded for some daffs all week. I suspect if England were in the final the whole bloody place would be plastered in red roses SOOOOOOOOOOO come on we wants our daffs .........please grin

LunaticFringe Fri 14-Oct-11 13:16:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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