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Dear Darling MNHQ Lovelies. Can we have Jilly Coper in for a chat?

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HelloSweetie Wed 05-Oct-11 11:20:26

It was mooted a while back but I think she was ill at the time.

Anyway - she's on This Morning now and we're much more important nicer than they.

Please could you ask her?


BupcakesandCunting Wed 05-Oct-11 11:31:49

What HelloSweetie said.


DoraBelvedon Wed 05-Oct-11 11:36:48

not sockputeteering but this is one of my many Jilly names -

Please? thanks wine

Deesus Wed 05-Oct-11 11:38:31

Ooooh yes please - would love to have Jilly on here smile

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 05-Oct-11 17:11:46


not sockputeteering but this is one of my many Jilly names -

Please? thanks wine

Wouldn't Jilly have a Stocking&Suspenders Puppet?! wink
Just to let you know we've seen this.

KatieScarlett2833 Wed 05-Oct-11 17:15:34

Ooh yes please

I want to know if she based Lizzie Vereker on herself.

And who is RCB <and can I have his phone number?>

happymole Wed 05-Oct-11 17:19:02

Yes, yes, yes please

I love Jilly purposly forgets about Jump

BupcakesandCunting Wed 05-Oct-11 18:31:50

Nooooo Lizzie Vereker was far too wet to be based on Jilly!

I think I might actually wee a bit if she came on...

weblette Wed 05-Oct-11 18:34:41

Huh we had a huuuuuge thread asking this very same thing a little while ago and it was ignored, sniff sniff.

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