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I DEMAND a live web chat with dr tania byron forthwith

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TheFish Fri 16-Dec-05 20:41:47

And mayebe she coudl step into the SHOP afterwards to explian her apparent adiction to neckerchiefs.
i ahvae lots of qs for her.

hunkermunker Fri 16-Dec-05 20:42:25

PMSL at neckerchiefs - go on, give us a sample of the qs you have for her.

SantaClausFrau Fri 16-Dec-05 20:42:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 16-Dec-05 20:43:12

Who is Dr Tania etc?

And how bad would cod's typing be, if she was rushing herself in a live web chat, rather than taking the time and care she normally takes with her posts?

TheFish Fri 16-Dec-05 20:43:35

1 do you ever feel like saying " well what the fuck do you expcet " to the parents
2. do oyu ever have aprent too thick to get what oyu are doing
3. are any of hte kids hateful?
i thnak you

sallyhollyberry Fri 16-Dec-05 20:43:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheFish Fri 16-Dec-05 20:44:18

AND 4. were you a goth in the 1980s?

she is ratehr stylish actch

TheFish Fri 16-Dec-05 20:45:10

doctor tania gets down to business

SantaClausFrau Fri 16-Dec-05 20:49:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheFish Fri 16-Dec-05 20:55:07

works here

puffoeufnog Fri 16-Dec-05 20:58:24

is it a rude link? tis blank here

Caroline5 Fri 16-Dec-05 21:01:57

I sat next to Dr T in one class at school in the 80s. She wasn't a Goth!

Morgan Fri 16-Dec-05 21:07:51

i love her!!she is my hero neckerchiefs and all and those high heels.

sallyhollyberry Fri 16-Dec-05 21:12:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

santaslittleunicorn Fri 16-Dec-05 21:12:51

cod - surely you need to ask her why she always has so many love bites?

(surely that is the reason for the neck scarf fetish?)

alternatively - it is her trademark

(advised by her 'agent')

Mog Fri 16-Dec-05 21:16:37

Love totally Dr Tania
Always right but always on the side of the parents. Quite a tricky job to manage but she always seems too. Knocks shades off Nanny Jo and all the rest.

TheFish Sat 17-Dec-05 17:51:22


Mercy Sat 17-Dec-05 18:39:58

I like Dr Byron too. She seems genuinely concerned and is able to deal with a wider range of issues than the other lot. Agree with you mog, she's always sympathetic towards the parents (though god knows what she's really thinking in a few cases!)

And yes, she's funky!

(Link not working here either)

ChampsOnIce Sat 17-Dec-05 21:45:24

link was of daphne(sp) from scooby doo.

is tanya byron the one from house of tiny tearaways?

baublerock Sat 17-Dec-05 21:50:03

I think she's a bit scary - I'd do as I was told if she was telling me!!

NorwegianFir2 Sat 17-Dec-05 22:36:09

Additional questions to include: be honest now, have you ever a) given any of the kids a quick swipe in passing? b) reported any of the families to the NSPCC and then hung up before they could ask your name? c) bought a neckerchief from Boden?

brusselsbeansprout Sat 17-Dec-05 22:38:03

I think she is dirty and has lots of lovebites and needs to cover them up

MrsSpoon Sat 17-Dec-05 22:54:33

I would like to ask her why I have become addicted to her programme and is it really good for my marriage and family relationships that DH refuses to sit in the same room as me when her prog is on?

MrsSpoon Sat 17-Dec-05 22:55:34

I also want to know where she buys her chips because they look boggin' and why crisps seem to play such a large role in the children's diets?

TheFish Sat 17-Dec-05 23:30:37

aaarf t anorwegian fir

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