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Thread appears in Active but...

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TrillianAstra Sat 17-Sep-11 22:53:33

This appears in Active (and is gaining posts) but when I click it all I see is:

Thread deleted
This thread has been deleted by MNHQ because, let's face it, it turned into a bit of a bunfight.

tethersend Sat 17-Sep-11 22:54:03

I love that message

TrillianAstra Sat 17-Sep-11 22:56:45

It's a great message. But if the thread has been deleted how is it still showing up in Active?

CroissantNeuf Sat 17-Sep-11 22:56:48

ooh I see what you mean -its in Active convos (but comes up as Deleted) and its not in AIBU confused.

And yes its gaining posts

TrillianAstra Sat 17-Sep-11 22:58:03

Who is posting on it?

And is it really a bunfight?

I want to see it!

FannyFifer Sat 17-Sep-11 22:58:16

That's cos the vortex quiche is posting on it......... grin

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 17-Sep-11 22:58:22

Hello everybody

Thanks for pointing this out; it's a bug at our end (nothing to worry about at your ends). It's gaining posts because one poster is still logged in and posting grin but she knows nobody else can see her posts (so lord knows what she's saying...)

Tech is aware of the situation and we hope to have it sorted soon.


bubbles4 Sat 17-Sep-11 23:02:50

Apparently the two that can still post are both using the Iphone app.

TrillianAstra Sat 17-Sep-11 23:03:37

SO you all did deliberately say "bit of a bunfight" then? grin

And it really is one?

FannyFifer Sat 17-Sep-11 23:03:40

[coughs] 3 rogue posters in the vortex quiche now wink

tethersend Sat 17-Sep-11 23:06:11

I'm in grin

EdithWeston Sat 17-Sep-11 23:07:55

How are you getting in - this is piquing my interest now!

tethersend Sat 17-Sep-11 23:08:24

iphone app

FannyFifer Sat 17-Sep-11 23:09:45

Numbers increasing rapidly, best quiche ever. wink

EdithWeston Sat 17-Sep-11 23:10:52

Bugger - can't do that!

Hope you're having fun in there! < wanders off feeling unloved and excluded from the party >

nenevomito Sat 17-Sep-11 23:11:53

envy @ bunfight quiche

bubbles4 Sat 17-Sep-11 23:13:38

Its moldies all over again.

AnnieLobeseder Sat 17-Sep-11 23:13:44

I am very pleased that deleted threads come with a witty message now, instead of just disappearing. Vanished threads always made me slightly paranoid that I had imagined they ever existed (dons tinfoil hat)

Sevenfold Sat 17-Sep-11 23:13:59

I am just so glad I am the only one who can't open the threafd

Maryz Sat 17-Sep-11 23:18:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sugarandspiceandallthingsnice Sat 17-Sep-11 23:19:36

But you can see what they are posting - if you click on 'last 15 minutes' it shows the thread and the additions grin

TrillianAstra Sat 17-Sep-11 23:20:06

It's not mouldies, more like Narnia...

Maryz Sat 17-Sep-11 23:23:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bubbles4 Sat 17-Sep-11 23:24:15

Somebody suggested you should be known as moblies.

FannyFifer Sat 17-Sep-11 23:25:56

Moblies grin

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