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Temporary ban for troll hunters?

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QuintessentialShadow Sun 28-Aug-11 11:34:14

yo there at The Towers...

Trolls and active troll hunters are in my opinion as bad as each other, and cause potentially as much havoc and hurt as each other.

So, how about banning the toll hunters who don't adhere to your policy in the same way as you ban trolls?

I don't like how some posters take it upon themselves to 'police' the boards, trying to do your job and cause upset in the process. When they have gone as far as to give clues as to them thinking there is a troll about, in this way encouraging others to troll hunt, it has gone to far. On a recent thread some suggested changing posting styles to text speak, say lol and Hun and the like to draw others attention to their troll suspicions. I think this is ridiculous.

What say you?

sadlydoingshineypenguins Sun 28-Aug-11 11:39:45

I agree. I have been accused of being a troll on a thread here which references the ending of my relationship with a man who turned out to be a wanker but that is irrelevant

The fact that I have been called a troll and it has been suggested that I merely posted to provide amusement has actually upset me much more than I thought it would. I feel that my experience, and the support I have received, has been belittled by the troll hunters and it has left a very bitter aftertaste.

CamillaSalander Sun 28-Aug-11 11:45:37

Yes, MNHQ, please do it. smile

GypsyMoth Sun 28-Aug-11 11:54:13

No, because even a hmm from a poster can be passed off as troll hunting.........and then there would be a witch hunt ( depending on who the poster is) to 'get them banned' so threads would then descend into a 'ban the trollhunter' and it would all be just as bad

The power of a hmm is not to be underestimated!! Maybe THAT should be banned instead

sleepevader Sun 28-Aug-11 11:55:51

Absolutely - it really pisses me off.

CamillaSalander Sun 28-Aug-11 11:56:06

Think you'll find the witch hunters are also the troll hunters.

sadlydoingshineypenguins Sun 28-Aug-11 11:56:36

IloveTiffany that's true I hadn't thought of that.

But there is some absolute out and out troll hunting goes on - for example in my case it has been off my thread but on another thread and it has been blatant.

GypsyMoth Sun 28-Aug-11 11:57:35 it would happen then! Not a good idea

CamillaSalander Sun 28-Aug-11 11:57:53

Maybe witch hunters and troll hunters could be allowed to make a face. But not more than that.

CamillaSalander Sun 28-Aug-11 11:58:37

No, Tiff, because if you ban the troll hunters, you will lose all the witch hunters at a stroke. Simples.

DecapitatedLegoman Sun 28-Aug-11 12:01:54

Great idea QS - troll hunting is infinitely more annoying than trolls themselves IMO. And the same people do it repeatedly. They not only make the problem worse but they undermine the good done on so many other threads. Who exactly do they think they are?

FlorenceDay Sun 28-Aug-11 12:33:03

I disagree. Everyone should be free to express their opinions.

sadlydoingshineypenguins Sun 28-Aug-11 12:41:54

Well, I got great support on my thread and it helped to make a sad situation funny and made me feel like I'd taken control and wasn't being made such an idiot of.

And the troll hunting took away from that support

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 28-Aug-11 12:47:29

Where do you draw the line, though?

Sometimes I will search a poster's name and a dead giveaway is that they have only posted on the one thread, in which case I will post a fairly innocuous 'welcome to Mumsnet' - as much as anything as a heads-up to everyone else on the thread.

Sometimes I will also report to MNHQ at the same time.

Occasionally if I'm suspicious but have nothing else to suggest it's a troll I might post biscuit

Again, these are just ways of trying to alert other posters to step back a little and think before they get too involved.

I agree, though, with the passive aggressive troll-hunting. The suggestion of using text speak was crass beyond belief. If you are that convinced that a poster is a troll then the only thing to do is to report to MNHQ.

CamillaSalander Sun 28-Aug-11 12:47:46

"Everyone should be free to express their opinions." - no matter who it harms?

PinotsWolefCubs Sun 28-Aug-11 14:44:15

I disagree.

MN is a public forum and there are channels for reporting and for the vast majority of time it works perfectly well.

If anyone finds MN that upsetting, maybe take a break and rely on RL friends and family more than the cyber world?

Trolls are a fact of life on forums and trollhunting follows suit.

Maryz Sun 28-Aug-11 14:52:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThePathanKhansWoman Sun 28-Aug-11 14:58:17

Can someone say what a witch hunter is, or the definition of a witch? Thanks.

ThePathanKhansWoman Sun 28-Aug-11 15:20:50

Oops! have i just killed the thread or do you all think i'm a troll/witch??

<paranoid as now>.

usualsuspect Sun 28-Aug-11 15:26:07

What about the troll hunter hunters?
and if being called a troll upsets you so much maybe you should keep off the internet

ThePathanKhansWoman Sun 28-Aug-11 15:30:39

Hello Usual smile, you know me don't you? Remember you to told me to

get to fuck(twas a misunderstanding).

Phew, don't feel so Para now grin.

usualsuspect Sun 28-Aug-11 15:33:39

Did I ? oh yeah I remember now

sorry about that blush

ThePathanKhansWoman Sun 28-Aug-11 15:37:44

Don't be your the only poster doesn't blank me on here!gringrin.

What is a witch really? I'm that stupid.

I never spot the trolls usual.

I keep off relationship board, as i gather it's easy to get sucked in at times on there.

usualsuspect Sun 28-Aug-11 15:40:40

My MN default setting atm is believe nothing grin unless I know the OP

sad but true

I think a witchhunt is when posters go out to get a certain poster

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 28-Aug-11 15:40:46

Hello there,

Thanks for this. If we become aware of posters repeatedly contravening the Talk Guidelines (in any way), we do take action. However, we do rely on MNers to alert us to anything that they think is breaking the rules. Please do continue to report anything that you think we ought to have a look at.


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