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new layout ?

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NetworkGuy Tue 16-Aug-11 07:57:18

Well, so far am very unimpressed. Subject box appears in a tiny font, just keeping fingers crossed this was a test and will be unloaded.

Or maybe it's something odd affecting my browser only, so I'll put up a > web page < with a few screen shots!

Tee2072 Tue 16-Aug-11 08:18:24

How odd, mine looks perfectly normal!

Those screen shots actually look like the mobile version, especially with the limited menu across the top. Certainly doesn't have an URL though, does it?

Might be an IP glitch? Maybe?

NetworkGuy Tue 16-Aug-11 08:34:47

It does appear to be my fault - I had not been typing www. (as it had been making no difference, and in the vast majority of cases shows the same site) but it seems to make a difference now !

I often use the form without www. to see whether a firm's site has been set up by someone technical or not, and perhaps 1% of sites fail at that stage with a DNS lookup problem. One such was Companies House (

DutchOma Tue 16-Aug-11 08:52:32

Just as you get used to one lay-out you blimmin well change it. I went straight to the private message inbox and from there to talk with more clicks than usual.

DamianTech (MNHQ) Tue 16-Aug-11 09:40:21


We shall investigate this. That page is displaying the mobile site, which obviously shouldn't be happening. Apologies for the inconvenience. If you browse to it should be working.

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