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How do I unhide a thread????

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virgo1979 Fri 12-Aug-11 12:25:55

..that I started myself?? sad

Honeydragon Fri 12-Aug-11 12:28:38

when did you start it? today?

virgo1979 Fri 12-Aug-11 12:30:25

hello again honey, yes. Saw a mistake in the title then panicked, got all flustered and I hid it by mistake...

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 12-Aug-11 12:51:53

Hello. You need to go to Customise and scroll down to Ignore Topics in Active Conversations. Click on the 'here' link and scroll down to Thread Exclusions. You should be able to see your hidden thread there - and that's where you unhide it.

virgo1979 Fri 12-Aug-11 14:39:50

thanks honey, but it's been about three hours since I started it, so its no longer active? think it might be easier to just start a new one, subject matter seems so trivial now toooo

Honeydragon Fri 12-Aug-11 15:06:20

Sssh ok was going to link it so you could watch it smile

virgo1979 Fri 12-Aug-11 15:46:09

what a palaver......

virgo1979 Fri 12-Aug-11 15:47:24

that might be easier...In S&B on perming curly hair... blush (told you was trivial...)

Honeydragon Fri 12-Aug-11 18:23:42

here it is, nothing on MN is trivial smile

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