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Problem with iphone app

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yellowflowers Wed 06-Jul-11 20:43:21

Loving the iphone app and how it is laid out and organised but it keeps crashing, particularly if I try to start a thread or post on one that I;ve not posted before, often losing what I've written and occasionally crashing so that I have to restart the whole phone. Is this going to improve?

DamianTech (MNHQ) Thu 07-Jul-11 09:58:07

Hi yellowflowers,

Sorry to hear you're having problems. Can you let us know what iDevice you are using (iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.) and if possible, which generation it is? I'll make sure to pass the info on to our tame app developers. smile


yellowflowers Thu 07-Jul-11 11:27:02

Hi, it's an iPhone 4. Thank you!

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